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Pro-Life victories amid Springfield’s abortion obsession


File Photo by Mary Compton/H-F Chronicle

CHICAGO – The news just grows more and more gruesome from Springfield concerning the Illinois General Assembly and Governor JB Pritzker's eagerness to expand abortion, camouflaging the momentum as "health care" and "women's rights."

But at non-government levels, small victories are being won every day.

This morning in front of the Flossmoor Planned Parenthood clinic, prayer warriors reported to Illinois Review an unborn baby's life was saved. An African-American couple stopped to speak with prayer warriors as their car left the clinic's parking lot. "i wanted you to know I changed my mind," the woman said. "Here's the baby's daddy, and we're having this baby," she said with a big smile on her face. The baby's daddy waved and smiled, too, the warrior told us. 

The prolifers were able to point the couple to the new Women's Center next to the Planned Parenthood. "You can get help there," they told them.

"I've never seen that happen in all my years of standing against abortion," said Karen Hayes, who was praying  Friday morning with the 40 Days for Life campaign. "I'm so stunned and emotional that God would let me be here to see this today." 

Earlier in the day Illinois Review heard that the ProLife overpass campaign headed up by Chris Iverson was challenged by Illinois Department of Transportation workers. The prolifers holding a sign on an overpass were told they had to take down their sign and get off state property. IR contributor Mark Weyermuller was there as it all happened. 

"On the way to work I stopped by the 'Abortion takes a human life” overpass on the Kennedy at Balmoral.  My friend Chris Iverson has a grass roots effort to inform people of this simple fact," Weyermuller wrote on his Facebook page. "Today was unusual. As I arrived, nine Illinois Department of Transportation workers in three vehicles drove up and informed Chris that he had to take down his two signs and leave 'state property.'  The state workers initially were aggressive, but Chris held his ground. It’s unclear why road workers (Fixing potholes) were pulled off a job to handle a police matter."

"It appears there is no law against holding a sign on an overpass in fact it’s free speech," Weyermuller said.  After a few phone calls, IDOT backed off and left. "The workers indicated to me somebody with some 'clout' called and said the protest protecting life bothered them."

Weyermuller said he applauds Chris and his group for standing up for the rights of the unborn. "He is correct," Weyermuller said. “Abortion takes a human life.”


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