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This Is Why Conservatives Aren’t Winning In Urban America


By Jeff Charles –

If you have been a conservative for any length of time, you have probably heard it said that the Republican Party cannot possibly hope to win votes in urban America. It’s a common refrain that arises during conversations about black people and the Democratic Party. Many conservatives seem to believe that Republicans earning votes in the inner city is like filling up a pool with an eyedropper.

Discussions on this subject tend to veer towards complaints about people who seemingly enjoy living on the government’s largesse while believing that all of their problems are due to racism. You may have even heard the term “Democratic Plantation” bandied about as an explanation for why minorities reject the Republican Party.

As a conservative who happens to be black, I can assure you that much of what conservatives believe about the inner city and minorities is utterly erroneous, and if we want a chance at earning converts, we have to change the way we approach the issue. Indeed, it will require quite the paradigm shift in the predominant thinking of those who embrace conservatism if we want to affect change.

I recently watched a video with Maj Toure, founder of Black Guns Matter, answering questions at CPAC regarding how the conservative movement can make inroads in the inner city. His answer was not the typical message you hear from conservatives:

“The conservative movement has failed where we have not created enough and supported enough urban liaisons. The Left has done an amazing job of convincing urban America that the conservative room is a Klan rally. They’ve done it, [They’re] saying these things to say they don’t trust you. People, right now, Urban America, under a falsehood, does not trust you. What liaisons have you linked with that are already doing the work in urban America to highlight and spread our ideals of freedom?”



  1. The biggest problem are the Rinos who don’t want to go after black votes lest these people vote conservative in the primary and oust the Rauner types. It’s one big happy family of Uniparty crooks and a winning coalition that would last for decades to cut back government (using school choice, medical vouchers, etc.) is not wanted. Add in the need for slave labor (Sanctuary State Bruce Rauner!) and no out reach is possible to either working class Blacks or legal Hispanics.
    That said, I think at this point the top Republicans can get is 22% of the black vote Edgar got in 1990 because of how much blacks depend on welfare and government jobs. The basic reason Illinois is now a hopelessly Democrat state is the massive expansion of the Hispanic vote, much of it illegal. That’s the best “outreach” Republicans can have—eliminate the horde of illegal immigration and legal chain migration of more third world illiterates and wages will rise, crime and welfare will decrease. But the Koch Brothers might lose a few million in income that way and we can’t have that.

  2. Because the GOP won’t tell people that their welfare and other programs will go away if there are more people who will use those programs immigrating to the country. They’re to fraidy to offend somebody. The GOP would double their black vote if they straight up said welfare programs are going to go away if Democrats continue illegally resettling more impoverished people here. The GOP won’t do this. Fools.

  3. The real issue is Republicans are too stupid to so seeds of discontentment in the Democratic party. The Republicans allow the Democrats to unify and never stoke the flames of racial and ethnic division that exists. The simple truth is every low wage immigrants or alien who enters this country is lowering the living standard and literally stealing food and resources form those who were born citizens of this nation. Black, white, or brown if you are lower income and benefit from public schools and any other form of government assistance your quality of life is deprecated by the presence of every other low wage immigrant or illegal alien.
    Republicans are too gutless to fight. Right now you have a case where A Democrat Muslim is a loud and proud anti-Semite and instead of holding up posters of concentration camps the republicans are doing what, what they always do, nothing. Instead of pointing out Muslims want to throw homosexuals off the roofs and working to break up the Democratic voting block, the republicans do nothing. Instead of pointing out that the money wasted on English learners could be used to create entry level job opportunities for African-Americans the republicans do nothing.
    The key is not to court people by giving them things, but to point out how their own affiliations are detrimental to their existence.

  4. When I worked at ACU in Washington (we started CPAC) the “outreach conservatives” there hired 2 black staffers. Neither understood the faintest thing about conservative philosophy.
    They collected their paychecks for a while, while looking for jobs on the Hill. One, Zelda, went to work, at a higher salary, for a leftist Democrat District of Columbia Alderman. The other, Charles, went to work for a left-wing Democrat Congressman.
    That is how ACU’s conservative outreach to blacks worked out.

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