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Rossi: You’ve Been Hoodwinked America and It’s Time to Be Angry!




By Randy Rossi - 

I am pretty sure that the majority of Illinois Review readers do not rely on the biased “fake news” to keep up with what’s going on politically in America. They are smarter than that! But I suspect that tens of millions of Americans do watch or read the “fake news” to keep up with politics. For over two years, the biased and leftist “fake news” has been telling them that President Donald Trump is a traitor who colluded with Russia to steal the election from Hillary Clinton. Many of those “fake news” sources like CNN, MSNBC, The NY Times, The Washington Post, and others were hurting financially and their dishonest hysteria on this “Russian Collusion” lie helped crank up their audience and helped “gin up” income for them.

This “Russian Collusion Hoax” ramped up a very high level distrust and dissatisfaction with millions of Americans who trusted the “fake news” despite the fact that under President Trump we have seen the best economy in years, the lowest unemployment in decades, and the lowest unemployment for blacks and Hispanics in American history. It also hurt our country and caused intense and destructive division between Americans.

Now after the Mueller Investigation and the investment of $25 million dollars over 675 days with 2,800 subpoenas, 500 search warrants, 500 witness interviews, and 40 FBI agents; we now know that there was absolutely zero collusion with Russia by President Trump, his family, or the Trump Administration. That means that President Trump was right in that there was no “Russian Collusion” and the whole investigation was indeed a “Witch Hunt”.

Sadly, those of you that trusted the “fake news” and only used them for your news source should now know that you have been “Hoodwinked” and “Sucker punched” by the “fake news” to help them sell their liberal perspectives, harm President Trump, and to make more money! And even worse, now that the Mueller Report is out and we know the truth; instead of apologizing for their dishonest and rotten reporting, many in the “fake news” and many Democrats are doubling down and attacking Mueller and AG Barr for not convicting President Trump! You can’t make this stuff up!

It is time for you that were “Hoodwinked” to get very, very angry with those “fake news” sources and the Democrats that have sucker punched you. What should you do? Make them pay by shutting them off and switching to those honest news sources that accurately reported on this and told you the truth. Turn off CNN, MSNBC, NBC, The NY Times, The Washington Post, and others which the Harvard media study said were biased against President Trump between 93-83% of the time. We now know that they have indeed been “The enemy of the people”. They need to pay a steep price for the damage that they have caused to our country and our president. And you need to vote out those Democrats that we now know lied when they said that they had hard proof that President Trump colluded with the Russians. The Mueller Report proved that they were lying. There is no evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians.

After you do that, I suggest that you look inward. Once we learned that Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid for the “fake dossier” which was the primary source of this “Russian Hoax”, why did you believe it? After you watched President Trump bomb Russia’s ally Syria twice for crossing Obama’s “red line” by using chemical weapons, why didn’t you ask yourself “how could he be colluding with Russia”? After all Obama never did that. When Trump kicked out dozens of Russian diplomats when Russia used chemical weapons to try and kill people in Britain, why didn’t you ask yourself “How can Trump be colluding with Russia? Obama didn’t do that. Or how about when President Trump provided Ukraine powerful defensive weapons to defend itself against Russia? President Obama never gave Ukraine any weapons to defend itself which broke our word with Ukraine. Simple logic says that if Russia invested money and resources to help Trump get elected instead of Hillary, they got a very bad deal! After all, Russians donated over $100 million dollars to the Clinton Foundation after Hillary and Obama agreed to sell Russia 20% of America’s uranium. Isn’t that collusion?

We are in tough and dangerous times my fellow Americans and we need to use common sense and honest news sources to protect our country and our children’s and grandchildren’s futures. Do your civic duty and hold Democrats and the “”fake news” accountable for this horrible attack on our country. Don’t get “Hoodwinked” again!


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  1. Rome collapsed from within. The Statists’ attempt at sedition in the USA should be a WAKE UP CALL for all patriotic citizens to discern for whom they vote at all levels! Our institutions have been converted to gulags for leftist ideologies rather than teaching socratically (ability to think and discern for truths), socialism has been taught as OK vs the historical tragedy it creates and the undermining of The Constitution. Mueller’s hoax can awaken a revival in true patriots to fight for upholding The Constitution’s original foundation!

  2. If the report really exonerated him they’d release it. Imagine Janet Reno not releasing the Starr report and instead sending a 3 page summary that Clinton was exonerated. RELEASE THE REPORT. ALL OF IT. 80% of the us want it released. Over 50 percent still think the
    President is guilty.