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Chicago makes history with first openly-gay mayor and unprecedented budget deficits



Chicago's new mayor Lori Lightfoot|Chicago Reader photo

CHICAGO – Chicago will welcome its first black, female and openly-gay mayor into office Monday.

Lori Lightfoot and her wife Amy Ashleman will welcome visitors to Lightfoot new office Monday afternoon – a furniture move that will have been provided by an all-women moving crew, Lightfoot's office said.

During the inauguration Monday morning, Lightfoot will be sworn into office on the Bible she received after her 1980 graduation from an high school in Ohio – a "subtle touch," says Shia Kapos of Politico. 

The Chicago Gay Men's Chorus will be one of the performers at the inauguration. 

Lightfoot says she will focus on public safety, transparency in government, invigorating neighborhoods, and tackling the city's finances.

She says she doesn't want to raise property taxes, but it's a possibility. After all, the city is in dire financial straits. The budget deficit is more than $700 million Lightfoot said last week. 

“I know that number has been put out by the current administration, but it’s not $700 million. It’s worse than that. I’m not sure why they choose to put that number out because it’s not accurate,” Lightfoot said in the Sun-Times. 

Making Chicago history as a black Lesbian isn't the only new path Lori Lightfoot will pioneer – she's also facing unprecedented financial challenges. 

Even she admitted in a pre-inauguration solo performance Sunday night that she'll need someone to "watch over her" as she crooned to her wife. 

Video made available by Politico's Shia Kapos:


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  1. Lori Lightfoot and her wife …
    Remember when you were married you new that a husband was male and a wife female? This is just sick. Her wife, good grief. That is not a wife, I don’t know what it is, but it is not a wife. We never should have allowed the degenerates acceptance.
    Same with the illegal aliens and foreign culture crap.

  2. I was unimpressed with her address on Monday especially hearing it in person.
    It was more like a campaign speech trying to appeal to select groups.
    Little talk about improving schools, lowering crime, creating & keeping private sector jobs, fixing pension scam (no mention of 401ks) no talk of lowering property taxes, etc. I might be happy if she fixed a few potholes.
    She’s worried about “aldermanic privilege”, more illegal aliens, more government subsidized housing, more weed, and lots more equality whatever that means.
    She spoke extensively about “gun violence” with no mention of the CRIMINALS who use guns to commit crime. Lets go after the criminals, There was o mention of crime on CTA tea
    She appears to support killing more babies in the womb in the name of “reproductive women’s rights.”
    Btw, roughly 1/2 of the babies killed in abortions are women.
    Much of the address focused on “aldermanic privilege” and a big celebration of who NOW will be in charge.. There was talk of “inclusion” but only of special groups. I want everybody in Chicago to do well and succeed, Her speech was much more of a campaign speech and I felt little talk about unifying the city.
    All in all Lightfoot scared me. I hope I’m wrong but I expect more if the same with higher taxes and more people leaving the city. I may write (submit) a more extensive piece. I attended the event with Stephanie Trussell who will be talking about it in the first hour of her radio show Saturday. You should listen to hear her thoughts. I’ll be joining her at 5:31pm.
    The Stephanie Trussell Show heard LIVE Saturday’s 3-6pm on the 50,000 watt WLS 890-AM conservative talk radio in Chicago.