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“New Illinois” coalition offers help to new Chicago mayor



Five of these seven Republican lawmakers offered their assistance to Mayor Lightfoot Monday

SHELBYVILLE — A coalition of reformers are offering Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot support in her efforts "to end the corrupt status-quo in the state's biggest city, which drives corruption in state government," the group said in a letter Monday.

Rep. Brad Halbrook (R-Shelbyville), who has been featured on national news programs discussing the growing movement downstate to split away from Cook County. expressed desire to "help" the new Chicago mayor.

“We have a resolution calling for the separation of Chicago and Illinois and the creation of a New Illinois because of profound concerns for the direction our state is headed under the leadership of Chicago legislators,” said Halbrook. “We were encouraged by the mayor’s calls for reform and accountability, and my colleagues and I would to help.”

Monday, the coalition released a letter to Mayor Lightfoot requesting the opportunity to meet and discuss areas where they can work together. The coalition includes Halbrook and state House members Darren Bailey (R-Xenia); Chris Miller (R-Oakland); Blaine Wilhour (R-Beecher City) and Dan Caulkins (R-Decatur).

“Separation is not the only solution nor necessarily our preferred one; but without reform, separation is our only option. For decades, Chicago’s corruption has been scaled statewide as the politically connected from Chicago have ruled our state and gamed the system to get rich," Halbrook said in a statement issued.

The group wants to separate from the corruption, reckless debt, confiscatory taxes, and overreaching government policies that are destroying communities and splitting up families," he said. That is what is behind a New Illinois. It sounds like Mayor Lightfoot wants to separate from that, too.

“For those reasons, we are excited that Mayor Lightfoot’s election brings the opportunity for reform. Moreover, we hope we can agree on policies that allow Chicago to solve the City’s “dire” financial problems without the state bailing them out while liberating the rest of Illinois from policies that compound the challenges our communities face, ” continued Halbrook.

The coalition offered areas for compromise and discussion including:

  • Political reforms to end the culture of corruption and break the grip corrupt politicians have on our institutions
  • Unfunded mandates that drive up costs for local school districts in the suburbs and rural communities and force property taxes higher
  • Minimum wage increases that make downstate and suburban communities uncompetitive compared to neighboring states
  • Respect for the communities, culture, and values outside of Chicago
  • Workers compensation costs that push jobs out of the state, especially from downstate communities that rely on manufacturing

Lightfoot has already commented on the budget shortfall she has inherited as being "more dire" and that she will be seeking help from Springfield.

"If she is serious about reform, we are ready to work with her,” said Rep. Halbrook.
In her inaugural address, the Mayor sounded notes very familiar to families across the state who have been victimized by Chicago
corruption run through State government. Lightfoot called for a government that “actually works for people, not a powerful few.” She also said, “When public officials cut shady backroom deals, they get rich … and the rest of us get the bill.”
"Unfortunately, after the near-unanimous re-election of Speaker Madigan and President Cullerton by their fellow Democrats, Mayor Lightfoot may not find many Springfield allies in her push for reform," the coalition's statement said. "State lawmakers who moonlight as property tax appeals attorneys and make millions of dollars cutting property taxes for the politically connected will not look kindly on Lightfoot’s statement that “When some people get their property taxes cut in exchange for campaign cash, they get the money, and sure enough, we get the bill.”


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  1. Hold your enthusiasm, boys. This weekend, New Mayor Lightfoot was out in California, hobnobbing with the Hollywood elite, dinner with Oprah and campaigning for Democrat Barbara Boxer. Oh, she did visit the LA police, so she could justify the junket as “business” on the taxpayer dime.