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Rossi: President Trump, Iran, and Reality


Rossi: President Trump, Iran, and Reality


It has been absolutely fascinating to watch Democrats and the “Fake News” do an absolute “flip flop” in less than 24 hours regarding President Trump’s reaction to Iran shooting down a U.S. drone in international waters which is an act of war. Right after President Trump said that Iran made a “big mistake” when they shot down that drone; they freaked out assuming that President Trump would counter attack Iran and accused him of being a “warmonger”. Then when President Trump announced that he stopped that attack on Iran because it would kill 150 Iranians when no Americans were killed and it was “not proportionate”; those same Democrats and “Fake News” condemned President Trump for being indecisive and weak which would encourage Iran to be more aggressive. First they condemned him when they thought he would attack Iran and then they condemned him when he didn’t. Isn’t that the definition of hypocrisy?


President Trump’s decision to stop this legal attack on the world’s largest sponsor of terror that committed an act of war because it was “not proportionate” was rational, moral, and quite frankly made the Democrats and “Fake News” that attacked him for that decision  look like the fools that they have been. Trump’s nonviolent tariffs have peacefully crippled Iran and scared the heck out of the radical leaders of Iran as they fear a revolution from their people because of their economic suffering as a result of those tariffs. But then things got even better for President Trump. President Trump has announced that he is going to increase those nonviolent tariffs on Iran as a result of shooting down our drone which will put even more pressure on the Iranian leadership. How can any rational person disagree with that decision and strategy?


But then it got even better for President Trump. We have now found out that instead of launching a violent attack on Iran which would have killed 150 Iranians, the U.S. military with Trump’s approval launched a cyber-attack on the same Iranian radar and missile systems that were used to shoot down our drone and they were shut down. That was an incredibly powerful but non-violent warning to Iran to act like a civilized nation. The combination of increasing sanctions and shutting down those Iranian radar and missile systems combined with increased tariffs should scare Iran even more than a violent attack. On top of that, it raised the morality and credibility of President Trump with our European allies by showing them he is not looking for war, but he is prepared to use incredible U.S. power to punish Iran for their terrorism, acts of war, and their threat to get nuclear weapons which would threaten world peace and force Israel and Saudi Arabia to launch a war with Iran before they get nuclear weapons.


President Trump just showed incredible logic, morality, and wisdom with his choices regarding Iran. Democrats and the “Fake News” just can’t handle that and they are going into absolute panic mode!



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