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Rossi: President Trump’s Big Win with Mexico



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By Randy Rossi - 

President Trump’s new big win with Mexico is just more proof that if President Trump walked across the ocean, Dems would say he can’t swim! Illegal immigrants cost American taxpayers $135 billion a year and take critical medical, education, and police resources away from American citizens and legal immigrants.

Based on the massive number of illegal immigrants that have been apprehended so far, we are on track to being invaded by a million more illegal immigrants this year. At first Democrats called this a “manufactured crisis” by President Trump, but now even Dems agree that we have an illegal immigration crisis.

President Trump has tried every way known to mankind to try and fix this problem from trying to get money to build a wall to protect our borders to trying to kick out proven illegal immigrants, but Dems and the liberal courts have done everything possible to stop him. So President Trump used a powerful tariff threat against Mexico to get them to do their duty and stop illegal immigrants at their border to help protect our border. Most illegal immigrants today come from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras through Mexico and they should be stopped at the Mexican border but they were illegally walking or busing through Mexico in illegal caravans to get to our border.

Because of President Trump’s tariff threat, Mexico has agreed to put 6000 Mexican soldiers at their border to protect it and to arrest those “coyotes” that make millions of dollars shipping illegal immigrants to the USA. In fact, Mexico just arrested two of the biggest “coyotes” who made millions on illegal immigration and then officials froze the criminals' assets.

Did the liberal media or Dems give President Trump credit for this victory for America? Nope, they said it was a “Trump temper tantrum” that could hurt our relations with Mexico. Interesting to note that Mexico celebrated the agreement with Trump with great enthusiasm the day after it was signed.

Why did Mexico celebrate this new formal border protection agreement with President Trump?

First, because they were thrilled that there would be no tariffs which would hurt their economy. Second, while Mexico first welcomed these illegal immigrants as they passed through Mexico to America; the average Mexican citizen has seen how these illegal immigrants are hurting them and Mexico by taking critical resources away from them and by creating chaos in Mexico. Mexican citizens are now happy to see their own country stop illegal immigrants from passing through their country to America.

One would think the American people would be tired of these constantly dishonest attacks on President Trump by Dems and the biased liberal media. Remember when Dems said that Trump’s/GOP tax cut would be “Armageddon”? Instead of “Armageddon”, those tax cuts President Trump pushed through have created the lowest unemployment in 49 years and the lowest unemployment for Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and women in recorded US history.  

Remember when the Dems and liberal media criticized President Trump for embarrassing the 83% of our NATO partners for not keeping their 2% GDP promise? Recently NATO’s Secretary General thanked President Trump for getting more NATO partners to meet their 2% GDP promise and NATO defense spending will go up by $100 million which will better protect NATO from Russia.

President Trump is also the first US president to have the courage to do something to stop China’s massive cheating and stealing which puts our nation and the global economy at great risk. China has stolen millions of US jobs and $500 billion of US technology a year and no other US president has done a thing about it.

President Trump has imposed massive tariffs that are severely hurting China’s economy and forcing them to stop this cheating and stealing or pay a very high price if they continue. Instead of celebrating this long overdue courage and strength to protect our country; many Democrats and the liberal media have condemned President Trump for using the only nonviolent tool that can stop this massive Chinese cheating and stealing.

Well, America, it is time to give President Trump the credit where credit is due. He is protecting our nation and finally forcing the rest of the world to play fair with America and follow the rule of law. And it is time for us to give the Dems and liberal media that have been dishonestly attacking our president for doing the right thing “the cold shoulder” at the voting booth and by finding a new honest news source!


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  1. One big problem… it’s not done ’til it’s done. And unfortunately, it’s not done yet. The Mexican’s could be setting Trump up for a big fall! Trump is stupid in the sense his big ego dictates he announce victory long before it happens and by ignoring some of the greatest issues facing America: the drug problem being expanded by the incredibly evil dems through the “legalization” of recreational pot, and all but ignoring the accelerated breakdown of law and order under his administration by ignoring that “legalization” of pot as well as the creation of illegal sanctuary cities. Those issues alone will tempt conservatives to skip voting in the crucial 2020 elections.