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Villa Park state senator accused of ghost payrolling with Teamsters




VILLA PARK – A Democrat state senator that hails from once-very red DuPage County was indicted by federal officials Friday for allegedly taking hundreds of thousands from the Teamsters for an organizing job he never did. 

State Senator Tom Cullerton of Villa Park is being charged by the feds with 39 counts of embezzlement and one count of conspiracy to embezzle a labor union based on claims by Teamster official John Coli. The indictment says Coli offered Cullerton the position of a fulltime organizer two months after Cullerton was sworn in as senator in 2013.

Cullerton's lawyer says Coli's claims are false, and he's simply trying to get a good deal for federal charges Colin is facing involving another matter. 

“As an honorably discharged veteran of the United States Army and highly respected public servant, Tom Cullerton is a person who is dedicated to his family, constituents, and all Illinoisans," Cullerton's attorney Jon Theis said in an email obtained by MSN.com. "The action by the U.S. Department of Justice has nothing to do with Mr. Cullerton’s work in the Illinois State Senate but is the result of false claims by disgraced Teamsters boss John Coli in an apparent attempt to avoid penalties for his wrongdoing." 

Republican colleagues jumped on the news, some calling for Cullerton's resignation. 

State Senator Jim Oberweis wrote on his Facebook page that Cullerton's indictment is rooted in political family dynasties and political power of Cullerton's cousin – Senate President John Cullerton: 

… If true, [Senator Cullerton] has betrayed his constituents and the State of Illinois and he will pay the price, but nowhere near the price Illinois taxpayers pay in the form of $160 billion in combined public employee pension debt that is the product of the corrupt bargain between the unions and the Democratic Party. Had his name not been Cullerton, he might never have been elected in the first place, which is the reason the Chicago tradition of family political dynasties should be rejected by voters.

Beginning with Chicago Alderman Edward “Foxy” Cullerton in 1871, continuing with Cook County Assessor P.J. “Parky” Cullerton (who had 18 employees convicted on bribery/corruption charges before he abruptly retired) and continuing to 2019 with the political power of Senate President John Cullerton, the conflicts of interest and politics of personal self-interest tend to dominate political family dynasties. It needs to end.

Sen. Tom Cullerton's arraignment on the matter is yet to be scheduled. 


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  1. If I correctly remember something I read, Tom Cullerton’s appointed post is (was) to the Senate Labor Relations Committee, or something like that.
    What better for a union to have one of it’s paid “guys”
    as a member of such a Senate legislative committee?
    Maybe he did nothing as a “union organizer”, but should anyone believe THAT was the REAL reason he was being paid?

  2. We need to all stop determining a persons guilt before a fair trial. The left has been great at convicting anyone they don’t like on the public square and in the media as the media is always happy to help. I am dominantly right politically but Conservative or Liberal, I believe we need to protect the great law of our courts “Innocent until proven Guilty”, Witch Hunts against those we don’t care about is against our culture as Americans. Let’s treat others as we would like to be treated and allow the process, not the mob, to determine Tom Cullerton’s innocents. Picture yourself as Tom’s family member and ask yourself if innocent until proven guilty would be important to you??