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Remains of over two thousand aborted babies found in Will County home


Photo Jill Stanek -  Crete Illinois home where remains of over 2200 aborted babies were found 

CRETE, ILLINOIS – Early at the scene of a Crete Illinois home where news broke Friday night about the remains of 2,246 aborted babies  being discovered, prolife activist Jill Stanek spoke bluntly about what she saw Saturday morning. 

"The only media there was a guy from a Joliet paper, reminiscent of the lack of press attention at the Gosnell trial. There were three Will County Sheriff's Department vehicles – but the area wasn't taped off as a crime scene," Stanek told Illinois Review.

"Imagine if 2,246 bodies of born people had been found there. Even 29 – the number of boys and men found a John Wayne Gacy's house.  The press camped out there for days and police were everywhere.  The reason for the disparity, of course? Abortion."

Stanek shared with Illinois Review several photos she took of the buildings at 2901 East Pine Ct in unincorporated Will County, Illinois – reported to be the home of abortionist Dr. Ulrich Klopfer. Klopfer is alleged to have performed abortions at a clinic in South Bend Indiana, a three hour drive east of the Crete residence.

According to the sheriff's office, an attorney representing the family of Klopfer was going through the doctor's personal property in unincorporated Will County when the remains were discovered. Klopfer reportedly died on September 3. (Will County Sheriff's Department statement HERE on Illinois Review)

Photos taken Saturday morning by Jill Stanek in Crete, Illinois

More on this story to come … 


  1. Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, let us pray this story does not get buried and forgotten… It should prompt everyone to think and ask God for His Love and Mercy… Regardless of our faith we must ask God for healing and direction… This is why film was taken at the end of World War ll in the Concentration Camps because the atrocity was to much to comprehend… The same thing is happening here in America and it seems to be unveiled ever so slowly… Let us not turn our eyes away and forget, let us solve the problem with answers we have at our fingertips, yet not ready to fully engage… Peter Lepre, Envoy For Mercy(MIC)

  2. How perfectly UGLY. He must have thought he would get by with his evil doing forever. Well he’s not and he won’t. (What is going on with his death?) Thanks Jill for taking those pictures and posting.

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