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Weyermuller: Remembering Phyllis Schlafly



Screen Shot 2019-09-06 at 9.42.07 AMBy Mark Weyermuller –

Phyllis Schlafly passed away three years ago yesterday. Born August 24, 1924 – Died September 5, 2016.

She worked her way through college testing machine guns during World War II. She and her husband had six children, after which she earned a law degree. She ran for the U.S. Congress, then became active in protecting the traditional American family. She founded the Eagle Forum while resisting the Leftists' Equal Rights Amendment and was one of the first champions in the pro-life movement.

In her final years, she was influential in getting Donald Trump elected.  More about that in this article from Illinois Review:


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  1. The greatest conservative activist in my life time. I have an autographed copy of “A Choice, Not An Echo”, which was the first major exposure of the Uniparty that has ruled us except for a few years under Reagan. She made the Republican party platform pro-life, pro-religious freedom in 1976 despite the opposition of pro-abortion Jerry Ford and the other Rinos. That set the table for the Republican Party to come back from the dead and become the dominant party of America. It’s a shame that her ability to back challengers to the Republican Establishment in the primaries is not shared by today’s midgets who call themselves “conservative leaders”. Goldwater eventually led to Reagan—we have the principles to win, but we simply don’t have the same determination to fight our opposition has. We’d rather lament with Rush on the state of the nation and go back to watching the Bears lose.