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Illinois’ Gov Pritzker among 10 least-liked governors



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SPRINGFIELD – If you read and watch only Chicago washed-up media or listen to Springpatch propaganda radio, you'd think Democrat political domination is cool and progressive – and that Democrat Governor J.B. Pritzker is not only solving all the state's woes, he's on the road to the White House. 

But evidently, that's not exactly what Illinois voters think.

Morning Consult – a polling company "trusted by media partners New York Times, Bloomberg and POLITICO" – show voters' opinion of the "progressive" agenda Gov. Pritzker is low – really low – as he cooperates with radical, urbanization-obsessed, Leftist Democrats to control those with different worldviews.

Pritzker, who handily defeated the previous liberal-leaning Republican Governor Bruce Rauner in 2018, is among the most unpopular governors in America. Indeed, Pritzker has the state split with 43% approving and 42% disapproving his leadership thus far.

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While the governor's approval ratings have stayed steady during his first year, his disapproval ratings have gradually edged up, Morning Consult reports. 

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Pritzker and his wife are under federal probe over property tax appeals on their Gold Coast mansion that occurred before he was elected. 


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  1. A well-respected financial magazine just released the results of their study which ranked the least tax friendly states in the nation. Illinois was found to be the #1 least tax friendly state in the nation, not a surprise to many of us. Illinois’ economic woes are one reason why the state topped the list of the least tax-friendly states in the country. The state of Illinois also ranks 50th, dead last in the ranking of states’ fiscal health by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University; even with Illinoisans having the heaviest overall tax burden in the nation. Illinois government is the best at being the worst again. That’s what 32 years under a democrat-controlled state legislature got us. My question is when will the voters in this state learn; when will they learn and stop re-electing the same politicians who are driving us to financial ruin! The number one heaviest tax burden and the nation’s worst financial health all in the same state, let that sink in for a while so you will realize how incompetent the democrat-controlled state legislature has been for over thirty years.
    We should have the most disliked governor too

  2. So what!
    Dems control the state and will do so in the future.
    The Illinois GOP is directionless and basically DEM Lite.
    This combined with Illinois being increasingly a 3rd world based population means that Democrats control the state and now in the future.

  3. As long as the Chicago newspapers promote Democrats, and the welfare recipients are kept in control to vote Democrat, we will all be slaves to Democrats.
    It’s almost impossible to educate stupid voters who find it easier to just remain ignorant.
    Thinking makes their heads hurt. That’s why they do so little of it.