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Most Republicans Agree – Trump Changed the Party for the Better



There is little doubt in the minds of Republican voters that President Donald Trump has changed their party, according to new Morning Consult data and analysis, but questions linger on whether his specific brand of Republicanism is good for its health, or whether it is permanent.

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  1. Those AREN’T Reagan Republicans. IF they were even on the political scene in 1980 or 1976, they definitely were NOT for Ronald Reagan in the primaries. They might claim they are now like the Bushes did before they trashed Reagan’s conservative legacy, but they definitely were NOT Reagan Republicans when it made a difference. I wonder how many of them actually voted for Anderson? I recall that Mittens trashed Reagan when he tried becoming Massachusetts Senator in 1994. Did he even vote for Reagan?

  2. Joe Walsh was a Reagan Republican? In the 90s he attempted to run to the left of the Democrats to win and embraced abortion like Mittens did at the same time. I actually do doubt that he ever voted for Ronald Reagan, certainly in any primary.

  3. True. But I can see candidates like Tom Cotton or Josh Hawley replicating what Trump did in 2016 and preventing RINOs like little Marco from ever winning a GOP Presidential nomination. Expect all of the acrimony and scorn that we saw in 2016, and after, from senior RINOs to return. It was NEVER about Trump or what he said. It was always hate, antipathy and scorn for his most loyal supporters and the white working class generally because of the things that we believe in. That isn’t going away.