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Chicago Prolifers to feature Democrat that voted to impeach Trump



DownloadCHICAGO – Saturday, Chicago's annual March for Life will feature a Democrat Congressman – the only remaining Democrat in Congress that is pro-life. 

But while Congressman Dan Lipinski is prolife, he's not so big on what many national pro-life leaders call "the most pro-life US president in history" – Donald J. Trump. 

Trump's views on abortion did not "trump" what he did wrong concerning Ukraine, because Lipinski pointed to his concerns about Trump's behavior as a reason he voted in the US House to impeach Trump last month.

“I have been greatly concerned with President Trump’s actions in withholding funds that had been approved for the defense of Ukraine. That is why I supported an impeachment inquiry into this matter. We now have formal Articles of Impeachment which I will carefully consider in light of the evidence that has been brought forward in the inquiry," Trump said in a statement in early December.

"It is also important to consider any impeachment process in light of history and the future of our nation.  Congress’ power to impeach a president and remove him or her from office is one of the most consequential powers that the Legislative Branch was given in the Constitution and should never be considered lightly.” 

When the vote was taken, Lipinski voted Yes, with the vast majority of his Democrat colleagues – although three Democrats couldn't bring themselves to agree with the Democrats. 

Lipinski released a statement Monday boasting how much he desires prolife support in 2020 again. 

“Every January, I am proud to brave the cold and join the March for Life Chicago. As a member of Congress, I work to protect the most vulnerable, and no one is more vulnerable than the child in the womb and that child’s mother," Lipinski said in the statement.

"When I speak at the Chicago rally, I am always inspired by all the young people – especially young women – who march because they understand that being pro-life is being pro-woman, and we must all do our part to support both women and their babies. I look forward to once again joining the growing crowd standing for life in Chicago.”

The thousands and thousands of prolifers that march in downtown Chicago are votes Lipinski needs to survive another primary challenge in 2020 against Marie Newman.

In 2018, Lipinski faced a tight primary challenge and pro-lifer leadership boasted online that they coaxed 18,000 Republicans in the 3rd CD to pull Democrat ballots to defeat Lipinski. Lipinski barely won.

At the same time, those so-claimed 18,000 Republican prolifers were not able to vote for conservative prolifer Jeanne Ives, who lost by 22,0000 votes to Republican incumbent governor Bruce Rauner in the 2018 GOP Primary. 

Apparently, an effort is starting to once again pull prolifers away from voting for President Trump in the Illinois GOP primary in 2020.  A story started leaking over the weekend that Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is pushing for second-time Democrat primary challenger Marie Newman to oust Lipinski



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  1. I have concerns that he is being supported by conservatives and republicans, along with being given a roll on stage before the March for Life.
    Since he voted to impeach President Trump, Lipinski has lost credibility. I’m unclear why so many in the pro life community and leadership defend him.
    Somebody just sent me this link below:

  2. I am not part of the leadership for the March for Life Chicago organization, but there are three reasons I am glad Lipinski is on the stage:
    -The March for Life Chicago organization does not (and should not) take positions on issues unrelated to abortion, euthanasia, etc. It’s outside of their scope. It’s important that they stay focused on their issues and build a coalition around them.
    -The March for Life Chicago org wants to be non-partisan, which is good. One way to demonstrate that is to be bi-partisan and have people from both parties on the stage.
    -Finally, to win in the long-term, we will eventually need the pro-life position to be bi-partisan. By continuing to welcome people who conservatives disagree with on other issues, we build that bridge.

  3. “Planned Parenthood, in its latest fiscal year, performed 345,672 abortions, an increase of 12,915 from the year before, according to its 2018-2019 annual report published over the weekend.
    Abortions now comprise 4% of Planned Parenthood services, an increase from 3.4% the year before.

    The report shows that Planned Parenthood received $616 million in funding from states and the federal government, compared with $563 million the previous year.”
    But Trump and the GOP haven’t lost your trust?