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Curran calls for deportation of those non-citizens that illegally voted



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LAKE COUNTY – Republican candidate for US Senate Mark Curran lost his re-election bid for Lake County sheriff in 2018 by 137 votes in a county election where 245,000 votes were cast. That meant Curran lost by .000559 percent of the votes cast – insignificant most of the time. 

What happened to Curran in 2018 reinforces the fact that some call a "nominal" number of non-citizens  "mistakenly" registered to vote through the Secretary of State's office does matter, Curran told Illinois Review Wednesday. 

"Anybody that voted as an illegal citizen should be put up for deportation immediately," Curran said. "The message needs to be loud and clear. [Secretary of State] Jesse White violated his constitutional oath. There needs to be a federal investigation into what transpired."

The Secretary of State's office notified the State Board of Elections about the computer "glitch", and the ISBE sent letters in December to involved counties where non-citizens were mistakenly registered to vote. Bloomington writer Diane Benjamin obtained a copy of the letter and wrote about it on her blog – and was picked up by Illinois Review. Since that time, the story has moved into legacy news sources in Chicago and Springfield.

For the most part, Chicago media shrugged off the "mistake," as did other Left-promoting political websites such as Capitol Fax. 

Curran continued as to why the controversy should not be swept under the rug. 

"People like me, who lost by 137 votes in a race with a quarter of a million votes, and were up by a 1000 votes when the polls closed – lost because almost 70% of the late-arriving votes went Democrat – yeah, I don't trust the process, I don't trust any of this," he said. 

Authorities are saying 740,000 Illinoisans have been registered to vote through the state's automatic voter registration put into effect after signed into law by Republican Governor Bruce Rauner in 2017. 

State Board of Elections spokesman Matt Dietrich reports that the board has found 19 actually voted of those 574 non-citizens "mistakenly" registered through the Department of Motor Vehicles. 

The Illinois Republican Party has called for the automatic voter registration system to be temporarily suspended pending investigation.

Curran re-emphasized the seriousness of voting when illegally registered to vote. Non-citizens voting is considered a federal felony.

"I would support an immediate process for deportation of anyone that voted that wasn't eligible to vote.  I would also support a RICO investigation into anyone that helped to make this process happen," Curran said.

"I think the beauty of having President Trump is the Justice Department – the US Attorney in Chicago – the FBi – they're fearless. They're the Democrats' worst nightmare, and I think we're going to find out what happened." 

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  1. It’s the Secretary of State that needs to be held responsible and investigated. The registering of illegals may have been intentional but it wasn’t by the non citizens. A full review of voter rolls should be done and voter ID required for all 2020 elections and until an independent verification is done. If you want to show resolve then prosecute State Rep Lauren Underwood.

  2. As a tax paying citizen I would like for the sec of state and the board of elections to provide a listing with all of the names of those illegals who voted illegally. their names should be published for the tax payers to see who these ppl are and how they were able to register to vote. all of this happened on purpose when the motor voter was created coupled by the creation of the personal identification cards for illlegals by Rahm Emanual this country has dropped the ball by giving illegals services that they do not deserve they lie no one checks out anything commit crimes and are not held accountable like native born citizens. this has to change asap.

  3. This has been happening all across America, which is why Democrats want illegals voting! It’s no secret. They whine about foreign influence in our elections and then look to allow non-citizens to vote in OUR elections. It’s why they want open borders! It’s why they reject Voter I.D. and scream racism if anyone suggests it. Democrats don’t care about Americans, they don’t care about illegals for that matter as long as they vote Democrat! It’s all about the power, nothing else.

  4. This hypocrite was for Sanctuary State when he was running as the incumbent Sheriff of Lake County in 2018, which is why he lost because so many of us couldn’t vote for a man who was promoting lawlessness. He used to parade around as a big pro-lifer, but did nothing for Ives despite Rauner’s betrayal on tax funded abortion. Now he says he is a “moderate” and returned a contribution of a prominent pro-lifer so he can get bigger contributions from “moderates”.
    I could go on and on about this man that I voted for as as supposed conservative Democrat to get rid of our last corrupt “Republican” Sheriff, who then changed parties at the urging of people like myself. Tom Tarter is the best of this bunch, but whatever you do, don’t waste your vote for Curran. It’s my biggest regret in politics that I ever promoted this man. He will say and do anything to get power. He will be a disaster that will drag down the entire ticket if he wins the primary.

  5. I have worked in Chicago as a Republican election judge since the late 80s. I live in an overwhelmingly Democrat precinct, but I can remember seeing so many very close votes between the down-ballot candidates, only 1-2 votes difference, for example. I think Curran has a very valid complaint. I lobbied my local rep against the issuance of driver’s licenses to illegals because I could foresee this sort of thing happening. At an election judge training session I posed the question about proof of citizenship, knowing that the Secretary of State employees try to get people to register to vote there, and I just got a sarcastic “Well, do you carry around proof of citizenship with you?”

  6. What are the names of the 16 non citizens who voted illegally in the last election?
    What action is being taken today on it?
    What agency pursues this? ICE? FBI? Illinois State Police?
    What action has the DMV taken today to insure non citizens cannot register to vote?
    Are illegal aliens still given drivers licenses in Illinois?
    Why can’t illinois print on the drivers licenses of legal immigrants the word “non citizen” in their license ?
    Many many questions for those of us who want honest elections and voter integrity.

  7. Just heard it was 19 non citizens who voted in last election
    Is the FBI Involved
    Can I assume congressional hearings today? I don’t recall, is Congress in session today doing anything? My cable tv is out so I don’t know?
    As you I’m being sarcastic. This is what Congress should be working on.

  8. I also voted for Curran and as the past elected chair, president, and CEO of Perot’s United We Stand America – IL, I used my extensive email list to promote his candidacies… up until his display of pro illegals. He has no moral authority to complain about illegals voting for his challenger.