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Thorner/O’Neil: Trump’s re-election depends on patriots to succeed against all obstacles



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By Nancy Thorner & Bonnie O'Neil - 

Within hours after Trump was elected President, a Nobel Laureate economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, among others of his ilk, reported how a Trump presidency would result in an immediate, serious recession. Krugman claimed and the Times reported, “We are very probably looking at a global recession, with no end in sight.” 

It has since been proven over three years of a Trump presidency, that those dire predictions were wrong.  Our economy is thriving, and our nation remains the envy of most people throughout the world, which is why our borders must be protected.

We must remain a nation that adheres to our laws. This includes those who govern the admission process of foreigners living here on limited visas, but who then remain because they disappear and cannot be found for deportation.  There are likewise many thousands of foreigners who don’t bother to wait for a Visa, but simply sneak into the USA illegally only to disappear. Donald Trump was largely elected President due to his strong stance on illegal immigration.

Krugman was not alone in predicting a recession. Consider Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers who warned in a June 2016 Financial Times op-ed: “If Trump is elected, we could expect a protracted recession to begin within 18 months.” He added, “The damage would be felt far beyond the United States.”    

Summers joins Krugman

Summers was likewise wrong, but did he or any other Trump hater ever admit it? Instead they doubled down on their passion to malign President Trump, which certainly was not common behavior toward our former presidents. Most presidents do experience a honeymoon period following their inauguration
These were the same people who promoted President Obama's presidency and who disregarded the mistakes Obama and his administration made, which included, but were not limited, to the Benghazi tragedy, the IRS scandal, and the disaster of his administration’s Fast and Furious plan.
Were the statements made by Krugman and Summers, echoed by other Democrats and news sources, ever retracted?  Perhaps that is best answered by their treatment of President Trump since his election. Facts indicate that President Trump has endeavored to honor his campaign promises, something rather rare in today’s political arena. However, Leftist media and political sources have largely managed to ignore any of President Trump's achievements, while appearing to search for opportunities to falsely malign Trump for the same offenses they themselves are guilty of

Negative news reporting spurns fake news  


The excessive negative reporting began during Trump's debates with Hillary Clinton but escalated once he was elected President. You might remember how many in the media lied and attempted to deceive the public about Trump's inauguration ceremony, when many news sources claimed an historic low attendance at the ceremony, even publishing misleading pictures as proof.  However, these sources failed to mention the pictures were taken many hours before the ceremony began, that it had been raining, and thus many were waiting to take their seats or places in line, hoping the rain would cease. They didn’t mention that by the time the ceremony began, every seat was taken and people were standing throughout the area to witness the event in honor our new President.

It was on Trump's Inauguration Day that many Americans began to realize the unvarnished truth, that mainstream media sources were indeed prejudiced and not deterred by the public’s preference for a President Trump.  It came to be that many Americans could no longer trust the mainstream media for accurate and non-partisan reporting. 
President Trump is correct in calling mainstream media sources like CNN and MSNBC part of the fake news cabal. Trump has been a victim of their blunt efforts to discredit him from the beginning of his presidency. The anti-Trump media has become a force to spread the propaganda of the Democrat-Socialist Party. Even when media reports prove false, instead of retracting an article or informing the public about an inaccuracy,  an unapologetic and determined mainstream media, without shame, continues to find ways to express their apparent hatred for this man who was chosen to be President by the people.

During the 2017 Women's March on Washington, D.C., President Trump, newly sworn into office, was attacked by militant women.  

Biased news reporting continues

Bias against Trump from all liberal entities has not waned but has continued. It is particularly noticeable when one compares how the same media sources conspired to minimize President Obama's obvious mistakes. Remember the IRS scandal, the tragedies in Benghazi, and the disaster of "Fast and Furious.”  It was Hillary Clinton's who jeopardized our nation’s security when caught using a private, poorly protected cell phone and personal computer, in violation of mandatory laws requiring she use government equipment when discussing or referring to anything pertaining to the government.
Worse yet is how Hillary repeatedly lied under oath when confronted with the accusations about her computer use. This was probably before she had bleached washed the incriminating evidence.  Not that this ever mattered to American patriots, especially those who lost their lives fighting for the values that set the United States apart from countries with corrupt leaders.
Treatment of Obama vs. Trump 
The mainstream media sources did their best to protect both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama from obvious mistakes and illegal actions made throughout Obama’s presidency, especially during Obama’s first years in office.  Remember the Democrat's plan they called "Fast & Furious?” It resulted in the Mexico mafia gaining thousands of our guns, one of which  killed an American border agent. 

Or who can forget the horror of the “Benghazi tragedy,” that caused the death of USA  Ambassador Stephens, left our embassy ablaze, and killed Marines who tried to save both Ambassador Stevens and our American Embassy?


Then there was the IRS scandal in which President Obama, members of his staff, and the IRS were proven to have negatively targeted conservative groups prior to the 2012 presidential election.  


Barack Obama took office in a failing economy that needed help.  Instead of choosing an economic recovery plan that would help all our citizens recover, Obama’s plan mainly benefited the educated, prosperous people, far more than the middle class, according to Reed Hundt, a Democrat and former chairman of the Federal Communications Commission.


One can only speculate how many more mistakes and infractions of the law might have been hid from the public during the Obama administration, but we do know that during that time unemployment was at 9.8 percent and many Americans were just thankful  to be able to put food on the table and pay medical expenses.   

The same media sources who minimized President Obama’s missteps are using every possible reason and way to malign President Trump and remove him from office. Consider Trump's sham impeachment trial which started on Tuesday, January 21, 2020. The hypocrisy is not only obvious and wrong, but it is dangerous to our nation’s future.

Action needed by patriots

American citizens cannot allow major media sources to use their positions to manipulate public opinion to their own preferences by covering up mistakes of one president but exposing every possible flaw and/or mistakes — even manufactured ones — through smears and lies of the next one who happens to be a Republican.
It is time for patriots, no matter their party preference, to demand fairness and unbiased reporting.  Some patriots have cancelled subscriptions to specific newspapers and refuse to access biased television news sources that specializes in biased reporting.
Other patriots have contacted media sources and explained why they no longer care to tolerate the favoritism and/or criticism seen in their biased reporting, largely based on personal preferences rather than any attempt to be unbiased. 

Ballot harvesting in CA

What should concern every patriot is a new California Law that caused long time cities, such as Newport Beach in the last election to suddenly go from decades of voters preferring Republican candidates to electing almost every Democrat candidate on their ballot.
As to what could have caused this historic turn in one election, Republicans are convinced it was the new California law that allows voters to “harvest” ballots.  The new law made voter fraud easy to commit and difficult to detect.  It was easy to hire people to go door to door to collect ballots, claiming they would be delivered to the Voter Registrar’s Office.
As to why anyone would surrender their ballot to a stranger.  Could it be as simple as saving them the price of a stamp?  How easy would it be to collect ballots, sort the Republican ballots from the Democrats, burn all the Republican ballots, but safely deliver the Democrat ballots to the Voter Registrar’s Office.   
Have CA Republican officials fully investigated this issue to detect if there was any fraud. Are they making any effort to reverse the law?  If so, they are keeping it a secret.  
Will other states follow California’s lead and allow “ballot harvesting” in their elections?  Thorner and O'Neil sincerely hope not, as the options for fraud are significant and discovery of the crime difficult.  None of us want to even consider that our ballot was nullified by an illegal ballot, but California citizens no longer enjoy that confidence.
A recourse for concerned citizens would be to change that law wherever it has been enacted.  That would likely require proof that the new law invited and thus produced fraudulent activity, exceedingly difficult to prove.  
It is probably more logical for Republicans in CA to energize their base and encourage their members to engage as well in ballot harvesting, at least until proof of fraud is found that would force a change.
If Republicans do not use the new law to their own advantage, they are not likely to see their party in positions of authority for a very long time.  There is even concern that the new law will produce an exit of more Republicans from California.  

Importance of 2020

The 2020 election is perhaps the most important election this nation has ever faced, for it will decide the future or our nation. Will she slip into the grips of Socialism, which will eventually cause the downfall of this once great nation, or will voters re-elect President Trump to save our Constitutional Republic with its stated freedoms for all, as Trump  continues to work to drain the swamp of those seeking to remove him from office.
You, the voter, will decide the direction of this nation.  May you choose wisely and make every effort to explain to others what is at stake in the 2020 elections.


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  1. 1-22-20, Well said, Nancy & Bonnie,
    The Democrats Al Greene of Texas and Maxine Waters of California both have confirmed the wicked intentions of the anti American Democrat establishment. Green said we must impeach Trump because he’ll win again!! Maxine said there’ll be more impeachments after he’s acquitted this time and even after he’s re-elected. They said they will continue investigations. These elected officials are totally off the tracks!
    The good news is … as we’ve lived with 3 years of Congress doing NOTHING … no new laws have been passed. We sure don’t need em!! And President Trump sure doesn’t need em … onward and upward we go. Be at peace, America.

  2. As a conservative Republican, I couldn’t be more supportive of President Trump. He has worked tirelessly to do what he said he would do in his campaign. He has so many accomplishments he and his administration are responsible for. Here are just some of them which stand out in my mind.
    1. Record growth in the economy.
    2. Unemployment numbers at 50 year low.
    3. Eliminated countless regulations which helped to stimulate
    business growth.
    4. Building the wall (finding creative ways to fund the wall
    since the DemonCrats are fighting him at every turn).
    5. Appointed 158 constitutional judges.
    6. Got out of the ridiculous and dangerous Iran Nuclear Deal.
    7. Built the U.S. Military back to where it needs to be…#1
    in the world.
    8. Removed one of the worst terrorist in the world from the
    9. Obamacare Individual mandate eliminated.
    10.Crushed ISIS
    11.And yes…Making America Great Again!
    How can any American object to these accomplishments? You would have to be an anti-American card carrying socialist/communist, that’s who. A.K.A DemonCrat. The DemonCrats hate he was elected and hate his success. KAG!