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Duckworth about Trump: Our “Toddler in Chief”



Screen Shot 2020-01-17 at 2.10.11 PMCHICAGO – US Senator Tammy Duckworth went on record this week calling an impeached president about to be tried before her "Toddler in Chief."

Illinois' junior US Senator Tammy Duckworth is most appreciated by Illinoisans for her military service and sacrifice of her legs following a helicopter crash in Iraq. She's the first woman to have a baby while serving in the US Senate. 

All those things tend to warm the hearts of casual political observers – but Duckworth can be brutal with her words – especially towards President Donald Trump. 

Democrat Duckworth votes against conservative values 93% of the time, according to FreedomWorks, a national conservative organization.

Progressive Punch, a Leftist group, labels the 51 year old Thailand native as a "Strong Democrat." 

But it's in Duckworth's fundraising emails to supporters that her disrespect towards Donald Trump is clearly expressed, like in this example earlier this week: 

"My diaper-wearing 20-month old has better impulse control than our current president (more like our "toddler in chief"). 

"And Congress is letting him get away with it. Instead of using our Constitutional powers to reign Trump in, Republicans are blindly defending his actions in Iran … "

This is the same IL junior US Senator that was sworn in Thursday as a juror to weigh whether President Trump should be removed from office in light of Speaker Pelosi's "articles of impeachment." 

"Toddler in chief." 

Duckworth sounds so grown up and objective, doesn't she? She's up for re-election in 2023.

Her email: 

Screen Shot 2020-01-17 at 1.46.00 PM


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  1. Her entire career smacks of Democratic manipulation of an promotion as Durbin groomed her for elected office. After she lost an election to Roskam, the Dems saw to it that she was appointed to head veteran’s offices, first in Illinois and later in Washington to furnish her with a government work record. Her work in Illinois was not free of scandals.