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US Senate GOP candidate reported for claiming to carry firearm into Hinsdale high school



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HINSDALE – When Illinois Republican US Senate candidate Peggy Hubbard attended a candidate forum at a west suburban high school earlier this month, she carried a firearm and ammo when she entered the building – at least that what she publicly stated shortly soon after. 

Now the Belleville IL resident is backing off that claim, saying she made those comments trying to get a reaction from supporters. Now she says she actually left her firearm in a lockbox in her car, but did carry two clips inside the Hinsdale Central High School – what could be a federal offense.

From a story the Daily Herald posted Thursday afternoon:

"I walked in with a concealed carry and I had a gun and three clips and nobody checked," [Hubbard] told the audience at a forum Tuesday in Washington, Illinois.

In a social media post, she wrote she "walked in with a my weapon and 2 clips!"

But in a phone interview Thursday with the Daily Herald, Hubbard said that while she carried two ammunition magazines in her purse at the Hinsdale Central forum, she left her weapon in a lockbox in her car.

"I know what I said, and I was trying to get a rise out of people and I misspoke," Hubbard said. "And I apologize for that, but I did have two clips on me."

Why would Hubbard do that, the suburban paper asked … 

Hubbard said she originally claimed she had a gun because "I wanted people to know … these kids are not safe in these schools, especially the well-to-do schools in affluent areas. They have a false sense of security."

The matter was turned over to the Hinsdale police. The police chief released the following statement, defending the school's security system and assuring parents the school is not a "soft target," as Hubbard insinuated with her comments.  

"We are unable to corroborate the veracity of statements made through social media as to the type of identification she presented or whether she was in fact in possession of a concealed carry weapon. We have since learned that she has since backed away from her earlier claim.

"I have a very high level of confidence in the security protocols at Hinsdale Central High School. There is a Hinsdale police officer assigned to the school and the district utilizes the industry's best practices."

The Daily Herald has posted online a discussion between the five Republicans vying to challenge Democrat US Senator Dick Durbin in November  HERE. 


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  1. Well, her initial intention was NOT to expose safety in a school because if it was, she would have spoken to them directly about it and she did not. She decided to lie and take it public on social media and in public speaking forums. Now Mr. Ptak and Mr. Wagner and Mr. Latronco will try to spin this as her being a warrior for some time of second amendment rights, but let’s all be honest with the game here. Everyone is in favor of second amendment rights. So she’s no warrior. Secondly, she got caught lying and trying to be like Trump with her words except this time she got caught in lies and the police department is going to want to have a few words with her. Now I thought only Democrats broke the law and got arrested like Madigan and his people. She’s an embarrassment to the Republican Party and instead of us keeping our heads down and working to rid Illinois of Democrats, this moron gives them more ammunition to take us down!

  2. She is one of the worst candidates I’ve seen in my lifetime. At a candidate forum in Barrington last night, there were flyers going around about this very thing. She got up and called the flyer FAKE NEWS! Then went on to unintentionally validate everything that was in the flyer. She’s currently under investigation, self-induced. She calls herself the black version of Trump. But she has no experience in the private sector, certainly not a billionaire, not a businessperson, she got fired as a part-time cop (would love to hear that story) Lying seems to be her greatest asset, as she runs to lying at every turn. She’s incredibly profane in her language. She’s proven the end justifies the means, with this latest fiasco, and that’s a Democrat trait. She’s used her race to attack Republicans – if you don’t support her you must be racist. She would be a horrible representative for the Republican party. I wouldn’t vote for her to be on the village board, must less a seat in the U.S. Senate.

  3. Since I was brought into this conversation by Jason Hudson, I will share my thoughts.
    Peggy Hubbard raised concerns that despite using her concealed carry card for identification, a suburban high school failed to check to see if she was carrying (the gun was locked away in her car). Her opponents choose to focus on inconsistencies of the story, but ignore the issue of school safety. They are trying to keep this story alive for their own political benefit, while Peggy Hubbard is out there trying to fight the scourge of gun violence in schools. Let me be clear, I am not blaming the gun, but the point is that even my own kids need to learn that just because you live in a wealthy suburb doesn’t mean you are safe from gun violence. I asked my 20 year old son about this last night. He said, “Dad, I do think the schools here are safer because the only place you can buy guns around is at Cabellas”. While it is true, that there are less bad guys with guns in the suburbs than the inner city, it is not true that kids are safe. It is when we let our guard down that bad things happen. It is when we ignore issues like school safety that bad things happen, and it is when we elect politicians who are out of touch with the issues effecting families and across our state that we begin to let our guard down.

  4. Well, she did prove that by carrying amno, if not her gun, that whatever detection is provided by the venue (school); it did not detect the ammo. So, she proved her point.
    To the issue of school security, a sign prohibiting guns does nothing except signal that there is no protection for the students or meeting attendees.
    Serious prevention would be installing bullet-proof glass in all first floor windows and classroom doors, door locks that a teacher can easily activate from inside the classroom.
    And, an anonymous, trained, concealed carry “administrator” on campus when school is in session to deal with anyone who might get inside with a weapon.
    If those against school shootings (and aren’t we all against them?), should take lessons from the Israelis who do protect their school children.

  5. She pulled a stunt. By her OWN admission- I lled about the gun ” to get a rise out of people”.
    Is THAT acceptable behavior?
    How is it acceptable to announce to audiences that Hinsdale Central is not safe? Announcing that the school is a soft target! If she had concerns she could have addressed them privately. But this is for her campaign. And I’m shocked that people like you approve of her stunt. It’s hard enough to be a teenage Rebublican in the public schools. She just opened them up to ridicule!

  6. I was horrified last night at the Barrington Township Republican forum where Peggy Hubbard stated that the Daily Herald article was fake news. Then she proceeded to tell us “ it’s not a matter of if but when” a mass shooting will take place in Hinsdale and referencing Barrington. Our GOP leader Tom Schneider never got up to discuss this claim. Peggy Hubbard was spinning her speech to cover for her illegal behavior. This is behavior unbecoming a Republican especially a US Senate candidate. Do we want to stoop to Democrat levels and lower ourselves to allow a candidate with this blemish on her record to continue in the race? There are better more upstanding candidates that are far better choices and candidates who will set a good example for our young people.

  7. This woman was suppose to have been a cop, right. Part-time for what 6 mos to a year in a town of about 750 people. Now running for a US Senate seat in 2019 just after she became a Republican registered voter in 2018. How convenient. One of her fan club members turns out to be IL GOP Chair Timothy Schneider’s Uncle. Wow! There have been many numerous stories with facts to back them up on this so-called walk-away US Senate Candidate. Early on, about last September, this woman actually called me a racist for insisting she answer my question of “What Senate Committee do you think you are most qualified for if you win?” That is just a sample of how she avoids real questions. She also has stated that she was a History Major. She also gave her opinion on the “Electoral College” but kept on calling it the “ELECTORIAL College”. There have been so many lies coming from this woman, one could write a book. And now we have this issue, which SHE started by obviously ignoring our laws concerning guns in and around schools. (I had thought she was a Police Officer once?) She has posted the most vile video’s on FB that I have ever seen using the foulest language I have ever heard, especially from a woman. She is asking/applying for a 6 year guaranteed job at a $175,000 yr plus perks and possible pension. She has had 3 foreclosures on her home, her campaign is broke and she is asking us to allow her to make decisions on how to spend our tax dollars. I don’t think so. This so called campaign slogan of “She is the only one who can beat Durbin” really got old. No, with all of her problems, it will be extremely easy for Durbin to win in November, because if she wins the Primary, many people who see through her lies will either not vote or under vote for Senate just like they did to Rauner. And that will include myself.

  8. Peggy Hubbard is a loose cannon that is constantly lying and making a fool of herself. Acts like a thug, talks like thug and is a thug. Peggy Hubbard needs to go back to East St.Louis and get a job. Democrat Peggy Hubbard needs to go back to her party that includes Tim Schneider, his cousin Gary Leming. Joe Ptak and Rauner. Just wasting your money on Peggy Hubbard.