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Are Appliance Regs Making Us Sicker?



Unnamed (4)The more President Donald Trump does extemporaneous speeches at rallies, the better he gets at perfecting their sheer entertainment value. He has a fine sense of comedic timing, and he connects with people like a great entertainer. He speaks about regular, unfunny, problems people confront in their lives, in the comedic way the show Seinfeld did.

Unfunny Appliance Standards

Trump’s latest target of dark humor—and it gets funnier each time—concerns how government regulations have wrecked our home appliances and bathroom experiences. This is a serious matter that fundamentally threatens the quality of our lives and health.

Lights aren’t bright. Toilets don’t flush. There is precious little water coming out of faucets. The dishwasher doesn’t clean dishes. Clothes washers use as little water as possible, so clothing comes out dirty. Our showers are unsatisfying because the flow is artificially restricted. The water pressure in our homes is so awful the pipes get full of lime and muck, forcing people to call a plumber. The hot water heater only warms the water to a temperature that delights bacteria and fungi. Blech!

We keep having to replace appliances because warm, slow-moving water breaks down, rather than cleans, the operations of our drains and toilet tanks.

Many households have to work hard to fight the stink. Whole cities have dealt with sewer problems because not enough water flows through to keep the place clean.

It’s a huge mess!



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