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Ludwig: Liberals and the Eco-Right Infiltrate CPAC



Unnamed (2)By Hayden Ludwig - 

Dear CPAC-goers, if you thought the biggest threat to conservatism was in Washington, guess again—they rented prime real estate at the biggest gathering of conservatives in America.

You may have noticed 2 out-of-place groups: Young Conservatives for Carbon Dividends and RepublicEn, the latter run by climate hawk and former Rep. Bob Inglis (R-SC). Both want conservatives to adopt an onerous and frankly un-conservative carbon tax, promising to pay it back to you in the form of “carbon dividends.” That’s wealth redistribution by any other name.

These groups call themselves “free market” environmentalists, but they’re better labeled the eco-Right: supposed conservatives who preach the religion of manmade global warming with the same fervor as the left-wing faithful.



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