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Sanders Most Dangerous Candidate



UnnamedSen. Bernie Sanders, the improbable contender for the Democratic presidential nomination, is lying to the American people when he tell us that “democratic socialism” simply means he wants to give the vast majority of Americans new opportunities to succeed and wants millionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share of taxes.

In fact, extensive research on comments Sanders has made going back decades shows he has warmly embraced not just socialism but communism, and praised tyrannical dictatorships that have trashed the freedoms Americans enjoy under the Bill of Rights that are part of our Constitution.

Sanders is not just another liberal Democrat who wants to expand social programs, in the tradition of Presidents Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson. He is the most radical candidate in American history with a real shot at winning the presidential nomination of one of our two major political parties.



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  1. Communism is socialism all grown up.
    Lenin stated “The goal of socialism is communism”. Begun after Lenin’s Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, the Soviet Union existed from 1922 to 1991.
    Sanders is evil

  2. Hello
    Margret Sanger was born Sept. 14, 1879. by 1916 she started Planned Parenthood. She went to Mexico with the KKK around 1926 to help kill Catholics. Hitler and Sanger united in the Eugenics values to first kill people in nursing homes. Later killing Blacks in Jews.
    Sanger and Hitler values continue by killing Jew and Black babies. Planned Parenthood has placed most of its cruel, pain full abortion facilities in black neighborhoods. All Democrat presidential candidates support the killing of innocent babies. Yes Sanders and Biden are evil.
    The values of the Biden crime family is really no different than Sanders. yet 1/3 of Democrats are pro life. Look at our Democrats in Illinois. Durbin, Duckworth and Schneider They support killing innocent babies born alive.
    Planned Parenthood killed over 340,000 babies last year. Planned Parenthood receive over $500,000,000 taxpayers money.
    With that money. Planned Parenthood is spending $45 million dollars to elect baby killing Democrats to political power with values of Durbin, Duckworth, Schneider, Hitler, Stalin and Sanger.
    Love Saves Lives
    Carl Lambrecht

  3. I’d argue Biden is a more dangerous candidate since most of Bernie’s extreme economic plans would go nowhere in congress, but Biden would be more likely to start an unnecessary war. Sanders probably has a better record on protecting the Second Amendment than Biden too and he has taken a lot of heat in debates for pro-gun votes. Sanders is better on first amendment, fourth amendment issues. Sanders doesn’t assume every trade agreement in front of him is good like Biden. Sanders is at least a disruptor who gets us to debate important topics. Biden is the Wizard of Oz. Empty man running on nothing but nostalgia for the not-so-good days of Barack Obama. I guess it comes down to whether you think the DNC coalescing behind Biden is because they really hate socialism and they’re just thinking about the future of the country and its prosperity or whether they are doing it for some less noble reason. I happen to NOT think the DNC has my best interests in mind but we are all entitled to our opinions.