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Rep. Bailey: When will Pritzker’s emergency powers end?


LOUISVILLE – Governor Pritzker wants an emergency rule that would result in adding a legal crackdown to his weeks-long economic shutdown of Illinois – making the opening of "non-essential" businesses a Class A misdemeanor with punishments that could include up to a year in jail time for offenders. 

State Rep. Darren Bailey (R-Xenia) issued this statement in response:

The Governor’s proposed rule, “would give law enforcement the authority to enforce the governor's orders during the declared emergencies, including filing a misdemeanor charge against a business that defies the orders,” according to a report by the online news outlet, The Center Square.

The Governor was elected to office in 2018, but the public has been ignored since he began these series of Executive Orders.

The Declaration of Independence declares we have “unalienable rights.”  These are rights that come from our “Creator”, not the government. As the Declaration states, the government derives its just powers “from the consent of the governed.”

How long will the Governor be able to rule by Executive Order and Emergency Rule? The rest of the year? Through 2021, or 2022 when he is up for reelection? Or, until he gets tired, gives up and heads to his $12 million horse farm in Florida? 

More than 4,100 Illinoisans have died as a result of this virus. One death is one too many. The Center Square report indicates half of the Illinois fatalities are in nursing home type settings. Yet, the entire state is supposed to live under a blanket statewide shutdown, with a million fellow Illinois citizens unemployed as a result. I guess they’re just collateral damage. We can only assume by the governor’s own action and attitude, free American citizens are just supposed to shut up and do as we’re told.

The Minutemen threw off the tyranny of the King of England, and during our 240-plus years of history, many thousands of military personnel sacrificed and gave their lives to defend our Liberty from those who sought to rule us by force.

With our fellow citizens and the growing support of local and state elected officials from across the state, we must continue acting in unison and pledge not to give up the fight to restore the government’s proper role in our lives as a servant rather than a master.

The Illinois General Assembly is meeting in Springfield this week – and the governor's executive orders are not officially on the Democrat majority's agenda for either chamber. 

Rep. Bailey has been aggressive in resisting Governor Pritzker's Executive Orders – that are now exceeding the power-granting statute's 30-day limit – by filing a lawsuit on his own behalf. 


  1. Thank you for stepping up and being willing to withstand the opposition of thy tympanists. I hope you have others in office and service that agree and can support you. We need more in office to fight this and reverse what’s been put in place.
    Grateful for your service and stand.

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