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Rossi: COVID 19 Economics Lesson for Liberals




By Randy Rossi - 

For years now, liberal Democrats and their friends have been telling America how evil capitalism is. They attack business owners as being unfair and abusive to their employees and they attack the fundamental parts of our economy like fossil fuels which provide the energy that drives our economy and creates and supports jobs for  tens of millions of Americans. They have wanted to impose huge taxes on businesses and business owners and force the “Green New Deal” on us which would essentially ruin our economy and put tens of millions of Americans out of work and kill the tourism and travel business. But these liberal Democrats (is that repetitive?) used “climate change” fear and hatred for successful people to get many Americans to jump on board their destructive policies.

And then COVID 19 struck and put 30.3 million Americans out of work and essentially crippled air travel and even car travel as people hunker down in their basements to isolate themselves! In addition to that pain, it is forecasted that 1 million small businesses could permanently go out of business killing millions of jobs forever.

Well, America, we have just been given a vision of what life would be like if these liberal Democrats got their way and destroyed capitalism in America. How do you like living without a job and your paycheck? How do you like watching trillions of dollars come out of our 401Ks and savings? How do you like not being able to take a cruise or fly to Hawaii? How do you like having your kids at home instead of being in school? Because businesses are shut down, incomes and income taxes that pay for everything are shut down too. We have just added trillions of dollars of debt to our country but if we don’t go back to work and create sales and income taxes, how are we going to pay for all this? Suddenly because of COVID 19, living in America is a lot like living in socialist Venezuela! Because of COVID 19, when Americans go to the grocery store entire aisles are empty of toilet paper, hand sanitizers, and now even meat and other produce. Just like in Venezuela! Just like in socialist Venezuela or Cuba, we don’t know what our future will be like because it is not in our hands, it is in the hands of the government and COVID 19.

Hopefully, we will get through this mess soon and we will learn two very important things that will stay with us forever. First, we can never trust China the source of COVID 19 and we need to be completely independent from China for everything that is important to us from medicines to face masks. Second, we need to understand the beauty and freedom of capitalism. Life is a heck of a lot better when “we the people” run our lives and our economy, not the government. Life is better when business owners are incentivized by profits to invest their own money to create businesses and jobs which power our economy and give us freedom. In America if you don’t like your employer, you can quit and get a better job. Not so much in Venezuela! And now that we can’t travel by air, ships, and even cars so much, we should all realize how beautiful it is that we have a wonderful fossil fuel industry that makes that travel cheap and easy all over the world. After all, it would be pretty hard to ride a bike to Hawaii to vacation there! Sadly, as any psychologist will tell you, it usually takes pain and hard times for people to understand and appreciate the good things in life they don’t have in those hard times. Let’s hope that when our economy takes off again soon, we will all appreciate and never forget the beauty and freedom of capitalism and a free market and never let the government run our lives!


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