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Thorner/Ingold: America’s Pandemic of Lawlessness and Rage



Mark Weyermuller photo of Chicago's Magnificent Mile Rolex store

By Nancy Thorner & Ed Ingold –

Dangerous mobs of far-left groups are running through our streets and causing absolute mayhem. They are destroying our cities and rioting – it’s absolute madness.

President Trump has made it clear, he will not tolerate their disgusting acts of violence against innocent citizens and has vowed to designate Antifa as a terrorist group.

An article by Scott Lively published June 1, 2020 , Obamagate and the race riots, had this to say about the anarchists who are launching a national campaign of mayhem and rioting.

"Isn't it interesting that Black Lives Matter and Antifa anarchists launched a national campaign of mayhem and rioting at the start of the weekly news cycle in which the fully exculpatory Michael Flynn transcripts were finally released to the public? The trigger, was, of course, the outrageous and possibly deliberate George Floyd killing, conveniently carried out in full public view and captured on video for instantaneous social media virality. I predicted on April 22 that the elites would orchestrate a new crisis as soon as it looked like America would regain her equilibrium, and it seems this may be it, or at least the first salvo in a new campaign of chaos.

"The main purpose of the rioting, as was true of the now-waning COVID-19 Pandemic, is to spread fear. Fear is what keeps a sizable portion of the American people "sheltered-in-place," and that phenomenon of social destabilization is the key to preventing economic recovery. An orchestrated economic depression is, of course, the cornerstone of the elites' plan for taking down President Trump (which I again predict will fail)."

Chicago mayhem

A Chicago Tribute commentary by the Tribune staff on May 31, 2020, was all about the George Floyd protests and how the National Guard would only have a "limited presence."

How did that work out?  What followed was mayhem in Chicago.

Business owners who had worked all their lives to build, spending their fortunes, having been closed for 3 months because of the coronavirus now find their businesses  completely gone.

Ingold remembers a grassy strip of land bordered by 59th street and Midway, just south of the University of Chicago, extending to the lake. It looks like a park. Before 1968 it was built up with shops and apartment buildings, but all was lost in the race riots later that year. The rubble and shells of buildings are gone, and the skeletons are now covered with grass. It was never rebuilt.

Liberal mayors are apologizing for the “protesters.”  The mayor of Aurora invited them to city hall to meet with her and the police brass. Hugs and kisses, but two hours later, the Aurora mall was looted. To them, the situation is this or that , but it’s more complicated than that.

There are legitimate protesters who march, carry signs and make a lot of noise. That is their right, to peaceably assemble. But there are also onlookers, who clog the streets, agitators who instigate acts of violence (perhaps to provoke police to react against the patsies they push to the front), and opportunists who take advantage of the chaos to smash, loot and steal.

Except for the provocateurs, these roles are highly fluid. The agitators are easily recognized from the air. They keep 5 or more layers between themselves and the police, throw things at the police, then calmly turn and walk back into the crowd. Police have found pallets of bricks mysteriously located in the protest zones, and boxes of glass bottles, apparently delivered to be thrown at police or windows.

This is not 1968. The city not only has flying patrols, there are 32,000 video cameras feeding directly into police headquarters, and thousands of private security cameras as well.  It is surprising that the police aren’t using drones to surveil the protesters. It would be rather simple to equip such drones with infrared cameras. Most of the agitators wear masks, even in pre-COVID situations, which are relatively transparent to near infrared (800-1200 microns).

On the federal side, we know that the NSA monitors nearly all cell phone call logs, and the phone companies and Google (reluctantly) can pin the location of callers and receivers to within a few feet, with atomic-clock accuracy. They can run but they can’t hide (for long).

They’re not that good at hiding. These aren’t seedy characters, sleeping on park benches. Many of the agitators have good jobs, even as academics. Two lawyers were arrested in New York for attempting to fire bomb police cars, including a Princeton graduate. They poked the sleeping bear this time, and Bill Barr is on the case.

Where are Jackson and Sharpton?

And just where is Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton?  Is something brewing?

Self-serving politicians can be heard jabbering away on cable news networks about systemic racism in America.  Over this weekend, 10 black people were killed in Chicago. But their deaths were generally ignored because they were murdered by other blacks and not by the police.

CNN’s favorite civil rights leader Al Sharpton, who has started a riot or two of his own in the past, took the Minneapolis mob to task; not for their criminality, but for their lack of discernment. What annoyed him about the Minneapolis mob was that the black barbarians were burning down black-owned stores and not just those owned by whites and Asians.

You would think by now that city leaders would know what a stupid tactic it is to sit back and let riots simply play out for fear that a push back by the cops would merely incite further violence. It’s fortunate that the folks at the Pentagon don’t adopt that practice at time of war.

What made New York the safest big city in America during Rudy Giuliani’s tenure as mayor was that he adopted what he called the broken window syndrome.

He realized that if one building on a block had a broken window and nobody bothered to repair it, soon there would be a lot more broken windows. He knew that nihilism was the predictable next step when people stopped caring enough to fix a window or report a crime or began to lose respect for authority.

Soros and paid protestors

Well-funded anti-American interests, like George Soros, are investing in the complete takeover of the United States by supporting Antifa-backed and other anti-American groups and individuals in their looting and burning of dozens of U.S. cities in the pursuit of all out Communism.

This video shows a paid George Soros protestor opening up to TYT politics reporter Michael Tracey at a Rep. Doug LaMalfa (R-CA) town hall back on March 21, 2017.  Although the interview was done over 3 years, it is pertinent to today.

The unnamed protestor indicated, "We all get paid, you know.  Any time you are given the opportunity to protest and someone will pay you to do it, that's like twice as good than doing it on your own time."

The protester didn't hold back in telling how to contact George Soros to become a  paid protestor, having been told that if he was willing to gather more names, he could get paid like twice as much for every name, kind of like setting up a pyramid scheme.

Admitting to becoming rich by protesting for Soros, the protestor admitted to organizing most of the protests seen in CA. For him it's all due to being paid. He then wished more people would know about Soros, so we could start a movement,

Why wasn’t this unnamed protestor arrested at the time?

Since many of the states and cities hardest hit by the rioting and destruction, occurring mostly in minority communities, absent strong leadership in the Democrat run states and cities involved, President Trump must restore order, even if it means calling on the U.S. military. 


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  1. first of all Antifa is not an organization. Its simply people who are anti-fascists. Like some people don’t like Brussel Sprouts.
    This a ruse to label even peaceful protestors as terrorist and strip them of the constitutional rights. And you support that. Also, think about the fact the President does not want anti-fascist protest… why?
    Did you hear what happened in Boston?
    An unarmed teenage boy was hit in the head with the butt end of a firearm during a nonviolent verbal exchange with a law enforcement officer.
    Word of the incident quickly spread, and within an hour several people gathered in the area to peacefully protest. They shouted slogans, and business owners in the area closed up shop for fear of their property.
    The law enforcement officers called for backup, and backup arrived in the form of heavily armed law enforcement personnel. They then declared the assembly unlawful and ordered the protesters to disperse.
    The crowd, in response, grew restless and hurled dirt clods at law enforcement personnel. Law enforcement responded by firing into the crowd.
    The first man killed was a black man.
    If, while reading this story, you found yourself thinking that law enforcement was in the right, and that the protesters should have dispersed…
    Then congratulations, you have fallen on the wrong side of history, siding with the tyrant king George III against American patriots.
    The incident occurred in 1770. The black man killed was named Crispus Attucks. The incident became known as the Boston massacre and was one of the key events leading to the American revolution.
    Take note. Kids. Pay attention. Your current President has no clue.

  2. None of the Antifa or BLM rioters will bother to read the official autopsy report for the late George Floyd. It would undermine their false narrative that led to arson, riots and looting.
    Intelligent readers ought to study the autopsy performed by the Hennepin County Medical Examiner and draw their own conclusions.

  3. The Hennepin County Medical examiner stated in the autopsy that death was due to “cardiopulmonary arrest complicating law enforcement subdual, restraint, and neck suppression.” Mr. Floyd’s heart stopped because he was restrained with his neck compressed. I agree that intelligent readers should read both autopsies for themselves.