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7 Easy Ways to Support Racial Equality and Justice



Unnamed (1)From Mauck & Baker - 

Over the last month and a half our nation has once again been reminded of the progress still left to achieve when it comes to racial justice. As countless protesters flooded the streets to exercise their First Amendment rights they made their message heard: change is still needed.

But who is responsible for this change? Many don't know how they can help. Sometimes big changes can come from the smallest actions, and all it takes is self reflection and awareness. Another small way to advocate for big change is to support organizations dedicated to promoting justice in many ways.

We've made it easy for you to support racial justice and equality by creating this list of organizations committed to doing so. Please consider participating, reading and sharing their content, donating, or praying for them.

"Learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow's cause." Isaiah 1:17

1. The Justice Journey Alliance

Founded by Rev. Alvin Bibbs Sr., this organization offers regular judgement-free opportunities for people of all races and ages to come together to address race relations and social injustice while advocating for change.

2. The Equal Justice Initiative

Founded by attorney Bryan Stevenson, EJI is committed to ending mass incarceration and excessive punishment in the United States while challenging racial and economic injustices. Their work has helped exonerate innocent death row prisoners, eliminate excessive and unfair sentencing, and provide re-entry assistance for the formerly incarcerated.

3. Sojourners Action

This Christian organization recognizes that racism is sin. Their mission is to convene with and equip clergy and civic leaders to take a stand against unnecessary police violence and mobilize people of faith to become agents of change in the unfinished work of the civil rights movement.

4. Together Chicago

This team of business, faith, community, non-profit, civic, and government leaders has banded together to catalyze change in five integral areas of focus in Chicago–economic development, education, violence reduction, gospel justice, and faith community mobilization. They hope to bring lasting transformation.

5. Woods Fund Chicago

This grant-making foundation finds and funds projects that fight structural and economic inequality by encouraging and supporting organizations and initiatives that promote community-driven solutions.

6. Chicago Urban League

This Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is dedicated to helping African-Americans launch, grow, and sustain businesses. The Center provides entrepreneurs with the tools necessary to maximize revenues, reduce costs, increase profitability, and drive job creation while encouraging innovation.

7. Illinois Policy

Illinois Policy advocates for school choice programs such as charters and vouchers. Study after study has shown that choice programs improve educational outcomes, even in some of the country’s most challenging communities. But more importantly, these programs are giving parents and students choice and control over their education – allowing them to find a place to learn that best suits their personal and unique needs.

M&B has long been in the forefront of litigating for racial justice particularly as it has affected minority churches and religious groups. However, we believe the ultimate bringer of justice is Jesus—who sometimes works through the legal system and often outside of it. The following organizations also advocate racial justice although their understanding of that concept biblically and how to achieve it may not always  reflect the views of Mauck & Baker. Be blessed and be a blessing!


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