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Kass: Larry Elder’s documentary ‘Uncle Tom’ frightens the left




By John Kass - 

Is there anything more frightening to the American political left and their high media priests of the woke world than Black Americans who think for themselves and refuse to kneel?

No. Black people who become conservatives and dare question Democratic Party policies, from social programs to public education, are a threat to control. And so, they are demeaned by Democratic politicians and either ignored outright or marginalized as race traitors, sellouts and “Uncle Toms.”

It’s a way to humiliate them, shut them up, and cancel them. And the party’s handmaidens of the media play along.

But that’s one reason why Larry Elder’s stunning new film, “Uncle Tom: An Oral History of the American Black Conservative,” is so important, especially now.



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  1. Everyone should buy the dvd and share it with family and friends. The DNC and the liberal media will attack it with lies and propaganda like they did with the dvd “13 hours”, an authoritative account of what really happened in Benghazi. Obama and Hillary should have fried over this, and Hillary feared the voters viewing the movie

  2. With the Tribune tanking, Kass is auditioning for his next gig on Salem Media; he is already the go-to fill-in host on WIND’s Morning Answer with his buddy Proft. Of course he is going to heap praise on one of Salem’s national hosts. I wouldn’t be surprised if another column heaps praise on one of Seb Gorka’s or Dennis Prager’s books.