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Curran brings together two wings of the IL GOP to oppose Durbin



Screen Shot 2020-09-22 at 10.22.41 AMCHICAGO – Republican candidate for US Senate Mark Curran is gaining support from two opposite sides of the Illinois Republican Party: Catholics and evangelicals on one side, and now on the other, the Illinois Log Cabin Republicans – a group that advocates gay rights. 

For the Log Cabin Republicans, Curran is the choice for Illinois over incumbent Dick Durbin.

"Curran will be a champion to help our President in Washington. He advocates a conservative agenda that we support: Limited Government, Healthcare, Border Security," their statement said. "Most importantly, we believe that Mr. Curran will be a voice in Washington to help support inclusion."

Chapter President Ethan Slyder noted “Mark checks all of the boxes when it comes to effective Republican leadership. I am happy to announce that our chapter has voted to endorse Mark Curran for US Senate.”

Public safety has suddenly become a big issue for Illinois voters after the state has watched downtown Chicago and several suburbs experience business-damaging violence and looting in the past summer.

Chapter Vice President Drue Mielke added "Mark Curran’s record of public service defending law and order as former Lake County Sheriff combined with Mark’s commitment to the inalienable, God given right to life of the unborn has earned the Log Cabin Republicans of Illinois' endorsement. It’s time to send a sheriff to Washington!"

Screen Shot 2020-09-22 at 10.35.27 AMOn the other side of the "big tent" Illinois Republican Party, the Illinois Family Action gave Curran and 6th CD Congressional candidate Jeanne Ives virtual access to their audience recently – encouraging those that support their conservative values platform to also vote for Curran and Ives. 

IFA is staunchly opposed to Dick Durbin's pro-abortion, anti-religion and anti-family position on their key issues. They support Curran's views on life and Constitutional issues


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  1. Had Mark Curran not supported Sanctuary State and Rauner in the primary, he would still be Lake County Sheriff. At the Chicago Republican Women’s Club before the primary, he said he wasn’t into social issues. He talks out of both sides of his mouth, which is why he has the support of everyone along with the fact he has almost no chance of winning. Log Cabin can throw away this endorsement knowing pro-gay Durbin will understand. You can be sure they won’t do a thing for Ives.

  2. Does this Curran guy even HAVE a campaign?
    I haven’t seen evidence of it in the papers, on TV, on my computer, or even in my mailbox.
    As I see it, Curran’s only hope is enough Democrats and
    others vote for Willie Wilson so it splits the liberal and minority vote enough that Durbin places second (or hopefully) THIRD, in the election results.
    The “official” Illinois Republican Party is now a JOKE.

  3. Curran please. I’ll vote for Wilson as a protest vote. Durbin may be scum, but he is old scum and his seat will open up. If we get Curran elected you will have yet another anti_Trump. open orders, pro-amnesty, pro-dreamer (which includes a plethora of anti-Americans and felons)in office and he will be there for years.
    Curran is a special type of scum, he took an oath to uphold the law and then worked within the system to thwart the law. That is a no starter for me, if you don’t want to do your job, then don;t take it. Curran should have been charged, like all his ilk, with violating the Federal immigration law that imperils you and your assets for inducing illegal aliens to stay in the country at the same time he was a law enforcement official.
    Curran is simply a country club Republican wannabee. Another life long government leech who stands for nothing other than his own advancement.
    And yes, I’ll take the gamble. The disposition of illegal aliens and immigration is the most critical issue facing this nation. Curran will deliver a victory to the open borders, prop-amnesty side as assuredly as Durbin would. The difference is Curran is only 57 and once in will spread his brand of liberal pestilence like the disease it is years and years. Durbin is 75, the grim reaper may be just around the corner for him, his seat will open up.

  4. My understanding is that Curran comes from Lake County.
    Lake County has a history of being the home-ground for RINOS like congressmen John Porter and Mark Kirk, and the late Senator Charles Percy.
    Any candidate labeled as “Republican” coming from Lake County deserves close scrutiny.