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Letter to Editor: Jane Carrell



How many Democrats are aware that the party purged its last remaining pro-life congressman, Dan Lipinski (IL, 3rd District), in the 2018 election?

The party funded a pro-abortion candidate against Lipinski in the primary. U.S. Senator Dick Durbin used to make the pro-life chicken dinner circuit reliably until the 1973 Supreme Court abortion decision. Now he’s pro-abortion. What does this say about Durbin’s core principles?

We need a Sheriff in the US Senate! Former Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran is running for Durbin’s senate seat. Mark Curran believes in the rule of law. Unlike Durbin and Democrat leadership, Curran condemns “protestors” burning buildings.

Mark Curran has been visiting communities in Illinois Durbin never visits with a cardboard likeness of Senator Durbin. Democrats now consider the radical, lawless rioters their base, not you. It took Dem presidential candidate Joe Biden 12 weeks to condemn the violence. The party of workers? Workers in coal and oil beg to differ. It’s time you realized, this ain’t your Grampa’s Democrat party. See ElectCurran.com for Mark’s stands. He Backs the Blue!

Jane Ryan Carrell

Northern IL Tea Party, Roscoe, IL



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