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New questions raised concerning COVID-19 reporting, Gov. Pritzker


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CHICAGO – Something is up with the information Governor Pritzker's administration is giving out on a daily basis about the state's COVID status. In a piece posed today on Wirepoints.org, they ask, "Illinois COVID-19 cases triple since June, but hospitalizations, deaths remain flat. What gives?"

The number of COVID cases have tripled in Illinois since their lows on June 18, yet the average daily death rate has actually fallen from 50 then, to about 19 today. 

Wirepoints poses these questions to be answered by Governor Pritzker:

  • Are cases way up and hospitalizations flat because it’s young, healthier people that make up most of the new cases?
  • Is it because there are many more asymptomatic cases?
  • Is it because newer cases are coupled with fewer pre-existing conditions?
  • Is it because the virus has already spread through Illinois’ most-vulnerable populations?
  • Is it because Illinois is finally protecting retirement home residents better?

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