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Fricilone calls for Newman to reject “Defund the Police”

Fricilone Calls for Newman to Publicly Reject Extreme Defund the Police Movement
Fricilone Calls for Newman to Reject the Support and Funding of the
Justice Democrats, Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
CHICAGO – Since defeating moderate Democrat Dan Lipinski in the Primary Election in March, socialist Marie Newman has doubled down on her extreme plans which include defunding the police. During the General Election campaign, Mike Fricilone told the Daily Herald and the Chicago Sun-Times that Marie Newman stands with extremist groups that want to defund the police and she has never refuted this claim. When she replied directly to the Patch on her defund the police comments, Newman refused to answer the question and said, “we need to build bridges.” https://patch.com/illinois/homerglen-lockport/fricilone-calls-newman-disavow-defund-police-movement

During the rioting and violence that happened throughout the City of Chicago and suburbs in the 3rd District, Marie Newman continued to stand on the side of rioters instead of the police. She even tweeted out support in favor of criminal actions saying, “Thank you to the activists and organizers in the streets…keep up the pressure. This is how change happens.” Now Newman has come out in support of H.R. 7120 which directly calls for “reprogramming police funding,” a more politically correct way of saying defund the police.

“The hard-working people of the 3rd Congressional District of Illinois support the police and their efforts to keep us safe,” said Mike Fricilone. The mainstream Republican nominee has made keeping 3rd District families safe a cornerstone of his campaign and has received the endorsement of multiple police organizations including the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police. Fricilone said, “People deserve to feel safe in their home and know that their children are safe, their small businesses are safe and that their parents and grandparents are safe. Defunding the police makes our neighborhoods more dangerous.”

Fricilone continued, “I once again am calling for Marie Newman to make a public and unequivocal statement saying she does not support defunding our police throughout the 3rd Congressional District, and to reject the endorsements of those Washington extremists who have called for defunding the police, including Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Our community deserves a leader that will be an independent voice, not another ‘justice democrat’ who protects criminals instead of our families.”


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