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Rossi: 4,800 Scientific and Medical Experts say President Trump and Sweden Are Right About Covid 19




By Randy Rossi - 

The Wall Street Journal printed an incredible editorial which explains how President Trump and Sweden got it right about Covid 19 and most of the world got it wrong. 4,800 scientific and medical experts have signed a proclamation stating that we must learn to live with Covid 19 and stop the shutdowns and stop keeping kids out of school because that is causing massive and unnecessary pain, suffering, and deaths. Instead we should use a “Focused Protection Program” which is essentially what Sweden has done which focuses on isolating and protecting the elderly who are most vulnerable and let healthy people under 65 get back to business or school.

That group is made up of 2,300 medical and health scientists and 2,500 medical practitioners and they released a document explaining this titled “The Great Barrington Declaration” which explains how the shutdowns are causing massive  and unnecessary pain, suffering, and deaths. The CDC confirms some of their claims admitting that 93,814 non-Covid deaths have occurred because people are not getting their normal healthcare for serious diseases like heart conditions, cancer, etc. and people are not getting vaccines because of the fear of being exposed to Covid 19. On top of that, suicides, drug overdoses, domestic violence, and alcohol abuse are all up dramatically because of the depression caused by isolation and/or the loss of millions of jobs. The group of experts also says that “Keeping kids out of school is a grave injustice” because it causes pain and suffering through academic, social, and psychological damage to those kids that will last a lifetime. Based on hard data, 25% of 18-24 year old’s have considered suicide because of the depression caused by being out of school because of Covid 19.

These experts explain the high cost and unnecessary suffering of these Covid shutdowns this way, “Vulnerability of death from Covid 19 is more than a thousand-fold higher in the old and infirm than the young”. That should be obvious since according to the CDC the average age of people dying from Covid 19 is 78. To date, only 67 children under 15 have died in America from Covid 19 which is far less than the number of kids that have died from the annual flu this year. Why on Earth kick 56 million kids out of school and cause massive pain and suffering?

These experts explain the rational solution to Covid 19 this way; “Our goal should be to minimize mortality and social harm until we reach herd immunity”. We need to protect the elderly and let healthy people under 65 get back to work and school which is exactly what Sweden did. By doing this, Sweden has only seen approximately a 10% decline in their economy vs. the enormous 33% decline we have seen in America’s economy because of the shutdown. And Sweden has seen roughly 20% less Covid deaths than Michigan has and they both have the same population of 10 million people. Michigan did extremely harsh shutdowns while Sweden did not. Who do you think made the right  choice based on the facts?

Sadly, it is almost impossible to have a rational discussion about this critical subject because it has become so politicized. And that political bias about this is killing tens of thousands of Americans. The rational solution is simple and obvious. Get young people back to work and school and protect and isolate older more vulnerable people until we create “herd immunity” and/or we have effective vaccines that will protect everybody which should be coming soon. We cannot let this political divide kill Americans and cause massive and unnecessary pain and suffering for our young people. We must let logic and common sense rule, not hysterical irrational fear and political hatred.


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