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Thorner/O’Neil: The Importance of Free Speech and Fair Speech




By Nancy Thorner & Bonnie O'Neil - 

The importance of “free" speech is understood by most Americans, but what about “fair" speech?  The fact is a significant number of statements made by politicians and/or news sources have later proved to be exaggerations or blatantly false.

In that so few Americans speak out to counter deceptive statements made by politician has to do with cancel culture, where many Americans are afraid to speak the truth, especially conservatives, for fear of being called racist or worse by those who seek to control what the general public thinks or says.

As to the first presidential debate on Tuesday, September 30, 2020 with millions of Americans watching, each and every scripted comment made by Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden amounted to an outright lie or a distortion of truth as to Trump's accomplishments and/or what Biden would do if elected president.

Particularly troubling is that initial false statements are given headline status, while revised, factual reports and statement are not publicized and most often receive no coverage at all.  It has often been said that a lie will become truth if heard often enough.

Influence of George Soros’ financial wealth

In addition to dishonest politicians and media sources, there are organizations and private citizens who use their financial wealth to spread lies and misinformation. It has been reported that billionaire and Communist George Soros has invested $150 million in grants to Black-led Racial Justice groups and another $70 million toward local grants for criminal justice reform and civic engagement opportunities.

Such contribution from Soros and other billionaires on the Left benefit the Democrat/Socialist Party, linked as they are and with the express purpose of defeating President Trump and U.S. Republican Senate and House candidates in the upcoming November election.

Soros has been busy funding the races of Attorney Generals in cities across this nation for the past several years to install officials who will be soft on crime.  Soros has channeled more than $3 million into seven local district attorney campaigns in six states over the past year, as he quietly overhauls the U.S. Justice System.

Financial influence and bribes are not new in this nation to sway elections. There have been laws enacted that attempt to minimize the opportunities that might tempt an individual to ignore election rules and laws, but ways are then found to circumvent the rules by using tactics more difficult to detect.  This results in giving organization and wealthy individuals the ability to unfairly and illegally “buy” political advantages.

Mr. Soros, who has profited by our nation’s rules and laws, wants to fundamentally change elections in this nation with his participation in pushing mail-in ballots.

Consider The Open Society Foundations, the philanthropic group founded by George Soros.  It has invested $220 million in efforts to achieve racial equality in America.  This amounts to a huge financial undertaking that will support several Black-led racial justice groups for years to come.

Alexander Soros, who serves alongside his father as the deputy chair of "Open Society,” stated how the new financial investment by their group was a response to a time “for urgent and bold action."  He went on to say, "These investments will empower proven leaders in the Black community to re-imagine policing, end mass incarceration and eliminate the barriers to opportunities."

The goals might sound admirable to some, however; does Mr. Soros believe he can also: 1. Sufficiently change these people’s negative backgrounds;  2. Adjust their lifestyles that have been in place since children; 3. Enlighten the drug addicted that their habit is a problem; and/or 4. Provide  these people a crash course in the academics they slept through in classrooms?

This nation already provides a free education for all people regardless of  background and financial assistance for many without financial means to attend college, yet there has not been a tangible eagerness for Blacks to learn and prosper, to work their way out of poverty, and/or disconnect with all they have known since birth.

Past determines the future

Our future depends on our past experiences.  It is a rare person who can ignore their past unless there is a strong mentor involved to help make such a difficult transition.

Perhaps that is why our forefathers stated in our Constitution that a United States President must be born in our nation.  They knew better than most of us  that our thinking and actions are established early on in life by our families, where we lived, which schools we attended, friends and neighbors, media sources, the quality of our lives, and everything large and small that makes us who we are today.

As few people raised one way can act in a totally different fashion when an adult, certainly applies to George Soros, who is part of the elite establishment and Deep State.  In addition to Soros’ financial support of Democrat/Socialist issues and causes, he wants to radically change this nation to conform to his Marxist/Socialist views.  It has been said that Soros “buys” officials as easily as most of us buy toothpaste.

Soros' wealth and intense interest in political matters began when he was a young man in Nazi Germany.  His past is like reading fiction novel.  As a Jew he found ways to survive and even prosper, when his Jewish friends and relatives were being persecuted, jailed, and murdered. To think Soros’ early life did not play a part in who he is today would be a grave mistake.

The fact that Soros has successfully secured a significant financial status, a wonderful layer of protection from prosecution, and a platform to speak about far more than financial subjects, should be of great concern.  Why should any man and/or women, because of their massive financial wealth, qualify them as authorities in political matters?  This should be more of an issue than it is today in our nation to all patriots who believe in fair speech.

Marxist influence in summer of unrest

Our cities have recently been enduring unprecedented angry people perpetrating, not just their views, but physically acting upon them in cities  across this nation mostly run by Democrats.  These organized protests by domestic Marxist groups, namely Antifa and Black Lives Matter (still viewed by many American as a peaceful group concerned about the welfare of Black Americans) have George Soros to thank for some of their funding.

In June of this year, George Soros gave Black Lives Matter and the Antifa related revolutionary movement more than $100 million dollars. The Soros run Open Society Foundations is also on record with giving Black Lives Matter $33 million dollars during this year, as well as an array of funding for a variety of Democrat and DNC related left-wing groups across the country.

Cities were intentionally burned; unprecedented numbers of murders committed; and police officers were blatantly attacked by those aligned with the Marxist terrorist groups — many of them young people who have been schooled to hate their country –  committed to destroying the very fabric of American society.  Like an outbreak of measles, violence spreads quickly.

Something positive

One major positive element about all the chaos of this past summer is that patriots have seen why our future depends upon electing the right representatives to govern us.  Those who organize, profess, and/or finance chaos should be voted out of office.  Party affiliation is therefore important, because whoever is the leader of a group is the one who shapes its future.

President Trump believes in law and order and is supported by the police across this nation, while those who would control a President Biden, like Biden,  refuse to call Antifa a terrorist organization.  Is it any wonder why candidate Biden lacks the support of zero law enforcement agencies?

If we want our nation to remain the amazing land we have today, voters must be aware and actively involved in the process to protect the rights and laws of our forefathers. When we witness news sources or politicians advocating for anything that would tend to violate our basic freedoms or replace our Constitutional Republic with a Socialist/Communist/Marxist form of government, a warning bell must be sounded and heeded.

Our nation has been privileged to have had wise forefathers and selfless officials that laid the groundwork that allowed our nation to grow and prosper. It is important for today's  Americans to be reminded of what our forefather Benjamin Franklin stated:  A Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded, “A republic, if you can keep it."

A warning to citizens

Citizens of today are tasked with that responsibility, but a question of great importance lingers in the minds of many patriots:  Can we ever expect the two parties to work together for the good of all our citizens and this nation’s future?

The tenor of the first Presidential debate on Tuesday, September 30, 2020 was representative of what now exists in our nation: divisiveness and anger over which of the two political party philosophies would best serve this county and its citizens.

It is outrageous and unconscionable that most news sources are not informing the public of the facts to counter the false statements that are being made to convince voters that what they are hearing is fair speech.

The soul of our nation is at stake.  Now more than ever fair speech is needed for voters to choose wisely in the upcoming election. 


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