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Dominion software alleged to have tampered 2020 election results



COOK COUNTY – Cook County, the county in which Chicago sits, has been long identified as a county where dead people vote. The Democrats control the city of Chicago, Cook County, and the state of Illinois. It is also where an executive of the Dominion election software told the Illinois State Board of Elections in 2016 that "it is possible to bypass their election software."

FOX Business News' Lou Dobbs shared a video taken at a 2016 board meeting in which Eric Koomer told the board that routine updates are not permissible without the system being re-certified. 

"No we are not allowed to do routine updates without having to go through re-certification efforts, but we do routinely give guidance on how to best secure systems, and also going back again, to the final mitigation against all of this is a robust auditing canvassing process which all of our jurisdictions have implements," Koomer told the board. 

Despite Koomer's assurances, Dominion software updates can take place without re-certification – and that reportedly happened the day before the election.

Sidney Powell, General Michael Flynn's attorney, insists the software was a source of producing fraudulent election results. 

"President Trump won this election in a landslide," Powell told Dobbs in the following interview. 


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