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IL GOP battles heat up over election results



SPRINGFIELD – More and more it appears the IL GOP is dividing along political lines as one segment calls on the President to concede to Joe Biden, while other Republicans are cheering the President's election challenges on.

In an interview with Mark Maxwell, Congressman Adam Kinzinger (IL-16) continues to demean fellow Republicans that aren't following his anti-Trump lead. In this interview,  he dismisses State Rep. (now Senator-Elect) Darren Bailey's support for Trump as Bailey "just trying to get some attention or set himself up for whatever that is …"


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  1. When you listen to economic and security conservative Kinzinger, you are also listening to the social points of view of people like Jim Thompson, Jim Edgar, Jim Ryan and Bruce Rauner. These are people who were able to attract votes to become elected statewide by reasonable margins. With the clear leftward social drift of fellow Illinois voters, Kinzinger is the kind of person you can elect statewide as a Republican. People like him provide a future to gain power if you want him.
    Election fraud these days is not a centrally-controlled conspiracy. Rather, it is an embedded attitude and expectation that individuals will do “whatever it takes” in whatever individual election role they get into. It is a myth that the cumulative effect of these small, individual efforts can be undone after the election by post-election legal activities. Those effort are enormous and only a trace of them are successful. Fraud can only be stopped at the time a ballot is cast.

  2. We need to develop a blanket policy of boycotting elections if Trump is removed from office, because there is no way that after one fake election, future elections will be real. In fact, we need to start shaming Republicans who do vote. It should be viewed as a betrayal of Donald Trump. They should be told that they are willingly giving legitimacy to an illegitimate system, and that this is slave behavior.
    Adam Kinzinger is a disgrace he will lose after Madigan draws up new districts after the census.

  3. I would rather sacrifice an election cycle in this already ruined state if it would rid us of this narcissist. I would rather have Jabba for four more years than have the effeminate Kinzinger as governor for four years. But I encourage him to run.

  4. Why would Madigan redistrict our a guy like Kinzinger? Democrats love Republicans like Kinzinger. He will never, ever oppose them. Tell me, when has he ever stood with Republicans against the Democrats? Never. He’s the Democrats favorite Republican.

  5. Kinzinger is typical arrogant Rino of the Mark Kirk type who thinks he can get away with anything from his political to personal life. If Trump is not President on January 21, 2021, the entire Illinois Republican Party will go the way of the Whigs as Democrat fraud will go into an even higher level and Trump supporters go away to a third party or leave the state for someplace like Florida where the Republican Party led by DeSantis actually fights Democrat fraud. We are close to Civil War II because everyone else, Congressman Kinzinger, knows that this election was nakedly stolen. I could cite dozens of examples, but here is a good article on just some of the evidence: https://thenewamerican.com/widespread-voter-fraud-myth-or-reality/?ct=t(EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_12_2_2019_15_37_COPY_01)&mc_cid=2537d1a153&mc_eid=a06e62cea9

  6. The problem with your logic is that you fail to realize that people like Edgar and other GOP elites have been strong de facto open borders advocates. Never trying to take any initiative to support or activate legislation and court cases to stop the flow of illegals has been a disaster for this state. Indeed the GOP ‘rulers have even given illegals drivers licenses and qualified them for Medicaid.
    In the last 50 years the state has 1.7 million more people but 2.1 million less Whites and 1.7 million more Hispanics as well as an additional 500,000 Asians.
    Do the math. Illinois was once a ‘swing state’ and that was when it overwhelmingly White. Asians and Hispanics vote for Democrats.
    So I guess your suggestion is to emulate the Democrats and advocate more taxation, more race entitlements and more legal and illegal 3rd world poverty immigration.
    Because that is the ‘formula the Democrats have used and are using NOW. And it is working for THEM.
    And I will repeat, the Illinois GOP elites, have worked with the National GOP elites to let it happen.
    “Rockefeller” liberalism helped make NY a Democrat state and the same has happened here.

  7. I am a realist. Biden will be President. But there are many, how shall we say this nicely, irregularities in many states, that need to be thoroughly investigated and probably taken to court.
    Kinzinger should recognize this reality and not try to play nicey, nice with the DEMS. To them he is only a useful idiot when he does. Again, I am not saying he should lead a rebellion for Trump but he can less of a horse’s posterior and not outwardly attack Trump.

  8. Kinzinger is the kind of Republican who will continue to be re-elected because he reflects the social views of the typical left-of-center GOPer in the Chicago suburbs. He also has crossover appeal to the Dems. The Dems will actually accommodate him during the remap because they like his points of view. If they were to combine him into the LaHood district, watch LaHood run statewide rather than force a runoff. The key to regaining future GOP congressional influence in the suburbs is to take on the Dems in the suburban areas we lost.
    Not voting at all is of course a short-term way to send a message but a long-term way to further entrench the economic and other deformed political conditions in the state.

  9. Actually the conservative position on security is a strong military and staying out of foreign entanglements. The effeminate Kinzinger is a McCainiac never seeing a foreign war he did not favor. He is more like the Trotskyite Kristol than a conservative American.

  10. In 30 years we have had only one statewide winner who was conservative, and that was US Senator Peter Fitzgerald. He was nominated over a hapless rino and beat the problematic Carol Mosley Braun. That’s it. Peter was not going to be renominated. The only other person who hd an important statewide nomination was Alan Keyes, who was appointed by the Central Committee to take the place of a nominee for US Senate who had a huge scandal. If you want to have a lifetime of productive conservative political activity you need to move to a different state. If you stay here you will be making these same great arguments 20 years from now. When I was in high school Illinois was the bellweather state you recall — but it is very dark blue now. Yes, you need to cut bargains with the Illinois rinos or you will end up pure and powerless.

  11. I love reading the lines about how the republicans need to be more like the Democrats to win. That’s done so much for IL, like super Dem majorities and unimaginable graft. Unless the IL GOP decides to well, actually be an alternative to the Progressive Democrat party they will continue to be irrelevant in IL. Unless the IL GOP wrestles with the traitors in their midst who sabotage the party for the IL Dems there will be no comback. This isn’t hard stuff.. the people have been clear about what they want from you. Continue to ignore them right up until they move away and leave you with nothing.

  12. Can you read off the long list of regular Republicans that have won in Illinois the last 25 years since Fitzgerald?
    There’s the billionaire Rauner who ran against the hated Pat Quinn and then was trounced like Dawn Netsch.
    There’s Mark Kirk who ran against the openly corrupt Gianoulias and was then trounced by the idiot Duckworth.
    You should modify your post. You were implying that establishment Republicans have had a long string of statewide victories the last 25 years. I count one more than Fitzgerald.

  13. Honestly, until Pat Quinn the Republicans were worse than the Democrats. Ogilvie, Thompson, Edgar, Ryan all gave us tax increases, out of control public employee pensions, progressivism. It’s better to lose with a conservative than win with a worse than Democrat.

  14. Sorry this took so long.
    I don’t advocate acting like or supporting the Dems or their positions. All I am saying is that conservatives cannot elect statewide core-conservative candidates in Illinois over the next ten years or so. We can choose to elect people like Kinzinger or LaHood to statewide office and shrewdly deal with them or we can be complete outsiders trying to deal with core Dems. There a rational basis to go either way.
    If you want to take the longer, high-risk strategy, take the total outsider role and hope some historic event propels you to power. Or, take the “elect RINO” approach and attempt to take power from that circumstance. I have seen it both ways in my 35 years of Illinois conservative GOP politics and prefer the second approach. It does not require an external, historic event to provide us access. The other approach has produced nothing of significance during my time.
    I used to say that hard core conservatives could influence about 25% of the Illinois GOP primary vote. Now I’d say we influence about 30%. And, under any circumstance deep blue Illinois will not elect a statewide core conservative to office.
    Really, if you are young and want to achieve greatness and produce meaningful core conservative results, you need to move to Indiana or another state that has a population is that is essentially open to considering our views. Jack Roeser spent a lifetime trying to do this in Illinois with millions and was a frustrated man at the end of his life.