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Yearly Archives: 2020


Op-ed Dr. Thomas Tarter: Anti-vaccine movement threatens COVID-19’s demise

Op-ed by Dr. Thomas Tarter -  We stand at the threshold of worldwide mass vaccination against the COVID-19 virus. A similar worldwide program of...

Thorner: President Trump’s plausible election scenario

Op-ed by Nancy Thorner -  Did you know this fact about China?  A foreign publication reported the truth: The Times of London, “Mass Blackouts...

Should the less-educated pay more-educateds’ student loans?

The topic is a hot one - college is expensive, and it's common for those choosing college to go into debt to pay for...

What’s Wrong With The 1619 Project?

In August of 2019, the New York Times published The 1619 Project. Its goal is to redefine the American experiment as rooted not in...

Small Businesses Like Mine Didn’t Cause COVID, But Governments Are Making Us Pay For It

A small business owner explains how lockdowns are catastrophic for him. John Romano writes: Our No. 1 product is a day trip from Paris to...

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot admits she has known for a YEAR about botched no-knock raid

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot claimed last Tuesday that she had only learned this week about the February 2019 raid on the home of 50-year-old...

Thorner: Is John Adams’ Warning About Our Constitution Coming to Pass?

By Nancy Thorner -  It is becoming more and more obvious to millions of Americans that the November 3rd election was a scam election....


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