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Midwest governors from both parties warn residents to avoid Christmas gatherings



CHICAGO – Seven governors from Midwestern states joined together this week to make a video with a strong "Holiday Message:" Stay home for the holidays due to the COVID resurgence and double down on mask-wearing, social distancing and hand washing.

Among the messages from Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Indiana and Minnesota, Illinois' Gov. JB Pritzker sounds an exceptionally dire warning: "Until the vaccine is available to everyone, and until we eradicate this virus once and for all, we must continue to work to protect one another …"

As of today, an ongoing, apparently never-ending lockdown situation for Illinois citizens. 

The governors' comments, which urged their residents to buy from local businesses, were not received well by YouTube commenters. 

Cindi Muntz wrote, "Exactly how do you support small businesses when you restrict them from opening? And please explain how an enclosed heated outdoor tent is any different than eating inside a restaurant? The numbers are cushioned beyond recognition at this point. People still haven't received their unemployment. What about a stimulus? Maybe you should all pool your private funds together to provide this for the citizens of your State. This 'Holiday Message' is an embarrassment for our Country." 

Other comments were just as harsh. 

The governors also issues a similar video just before the Thanksgiving holiday.


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  1. Can you take these guys seriously? Pritzker has been wrong on everything.
    Let’s have an investigation into the $60 million he spent on a McCormick Place temporary Covid hospital which saw ZERO patients till it was closed
    We need to lift all restrictions on businesses, open indoor dining, snd get kids back in the classroom. . Btw, kids have about a 0.0001 chance of dying from Covid, maybe less.

  2. Nope. DeWine is a Kasich who’s being primaried in 22, if not impeached before then and Pence is gonna be dropped from the ticket in 24 because he botched the Covid response by putting Fauci and Birx in charge and the vaxx political stunt this morning. I predict that both of these faux Republican governors will be gone by 2025.