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Darren Bailey speaks out on IL GOP’s direction



{E711544D-E0C4-4E1F-AFAB-86718D6DCC55}By State Senator-Elect Darren Bailey (R-Louisville) –

The Illinois Republican Party is at a crossroads. The selection of our next party chairman will help determine our future.

As I see it we can continue with the status quo of irrelevance in Illinois, or we can strike a new path focused on being the party of working people of all types. For too long we’ve been too focused on the elites and the well-off, but the last four-years showed the Republican Party is the party of hard-working Americans.

The waiters, retail workers, and small business owners – forgotten by Governor Pritzker – deserve better. The Republican Party must use its principles to stand up for all hard-working citizens of our state. No one should be forgotten!

Our principles are our legacy, enshrined in our Constitution by the Founding Fathers, and protected and defended by millions of patriots, both military and civilian, throughout our history. Advocating and reapplying these principles can restore and revitalize Illinois.

We have a blueprint for economic success. Prior to the coronavirus, our nation was on a growth path of historical proportions, fueled by putting working families first. This growth came by reducing the tax burden on workers, cutting the red tape preventing job creation, and prioritizing trade deals that helped keep our jobs here.

For the first time in our lifetimes, we saw real wage growth for the working class instead of the rich elite.

We saw job creation, record employment for minorities and rising household income, leading to individuals taking control of their own lives, rather than government dependency.

The policies and principles fueling this American renaissance could be replicated here in Illinois. The Republican Party can and should lead the way because after years of the Illinois Democrat Party pushing its tax and spend policies, more regulation and growing the size of government, our citizens and their children are now faced with a public debt burden that has never been higher.

The Nobel Prize-winning economist, Dr. Milton Friedman said, “One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results.” Is anyone asking for proof that the tax and spend and government growth policies and ideas work? 

Illinois consistently lags in economic growth and job creation behind most of the country, we are continually plagued by political corruption, and respect for Life may be at its lowest point ever in our history.

Looking forward, the Illinois Republican Party must redouble its efforts to reach out to Illinoisans fed-up with years of corruption and disrespect due to one-party domination. Our priority should be putting Illinois workers and families first. We can accomplish this by applying policies that put money in the pockets of our workers and not the powerful, policies that empower Americans to live a better life for themselves and limits the power of government to make things worse.

At the same time, we need to reverse past policies that act as a deterrent to business expansion and job creation.

Illinois’ hope, recovery and restoration lies with true government reform and a return to government Abraham Lincoln so eloquently described as, “of the people, by the people, for the people.”

The next Illinois Republican Party chairman must have vision guided by tradition.

Darren Bailey, now a state representative, will be sworn in as Illinois 55th Legislative District's state senator next week. 


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  1. I am very grateful for the strong, bold voice of Darren Bailey. We need more leaders like him.
    Unfortunately, too many RINOs have been emotionally manipulated by Democrats and their allies in the media… We know them by their fruit… you know, the ones backbiting, criticizing, and mudslinging at their fellow Republicans.
    These feckless snollygosters are blissfully ignorant about our adversary’s strategy to divide and conquer.

  2. Baily just got there and is just what we need to see more of in the Illinois Senate. But hopefully we will primary out most of the rest when they are all up in the reapportionment year of 2022. They did nothing to stop the steal here in Illinois and everywhere else. You can see for yourself on this site how my State Senator McConchie, the new “leader” of the Senate “Republicans”, betrayed Trump and every other conservative who is sick and tired of a Republican Party more interested in getting crumbs from the Democrat table than fighting to save the state from total bankruptcy. If I am still in Illinois next year, you can count on it, Dan, I will be doing everything I can to defeat you.

  3. Republicans in Illinois can’t win without the support of Union members! Time to give up the anti-union right to work stance win the vote of socially conservative Union workers. Business leader donors need to learn to work with Unions like they do in Germany or IL Republicans will continue being an irrelevant minority.

  4. yawwwwwwwwwnnnnn. We all know this. In fact, aren’t there senators in Arizona from the other side that used this exact rhetoric to win? You are saying all the right things, but your pitch bytes. Try:”What better way to get money into working family homes than with school choice. You hold onto that money an you determine where it goes. Now where would you put it?” Heh, a story could be wrote on this. An Illinois voter story. I write about this and other activities to win in my book. (self promotion 🙂 )

  5. 100% correct, Darren. I have been watching your morning FB posts for months now and it is clear that you are sincere in your beliefs. I don’t even live in your district, but live in Cook County where any reform is impossible. A large part of that problem belongs to the Republican Party in Illinois, which is virtually non-existent. There is no leadership from the Republicans. They don’t even bother to field full slates of Republican candidates on the ballot, including judges. If our own party organization won’t fight for Republican ideals, how can we ever get organized? The recent list of potential Republican Governor hopefuls was a joke, except for your name. Bill Brady? Really? He ran the Republican Party in Illinois and did nothing. He’s run for the office before and can’t win. You give us hope! Your determination and drive to do what is right, what we know works based on evidence, and follows Lincoln’s ideals must win the day. God bless you for all you do and your courage to speak out for us all.

  6. The next chairman must focus on winning elections at all levels in Illinois, by uniting the county organizations. The county GOP orgs need to focus on recruiting committeemen, block leaders and candidates to run at all levels an focus far less on Lincoln Day Dinners, County Fairs and parades

  7. You are correct on all counts.. Hopefully with the election of a new chairman Republicans will become reenergized, we will find good candidates who will help promote programs for all Illinoisans as opposed to the past 40 years of rewarding the few.
    Good article.

  8. Several years ago I prophesized the GOP was getting so bad and so useless they wouldn’t even be able to recruit viable candidates. That day is here! Lots of luck Darren, I’ll look forward working with you.

  9. Without Trump the Republican Party is dead!
    Donald Trump won the 2020 election in a landslide with more Blacks, Latinos, Immigrants, Gays and Jews than 2016.
    Trump won all of the bellwether counties and nearly every GOP toss-up House race.
    Trump won at least 74.2 million votes and that does not count the votes that were subtracted from his totals on live TV.
    Joe Biden reportedly won 81 million votes despite losing 200 more counties than Obama in either race. My sources say Biden won only 58 million votes which is more believable.
    Democrats can’t beat Trump without cheating!