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GOP Illinois Senate Leader Designate says Trump “abdicated principles of freedom”



JB_0054HAWTHORN WOODS – State Senator Dan McConchie (R-Hawthorn Woods), who was recently chosen as the Illinois Senate Republicans' new leader, took to one of the state's most Leftist media sources to condemn President Donald Trump Thursday, and plead for unity among Illinois' political parties. 

McConchie, who boasts of being a conservative Republican, wrote in the scathing Chicago Sun-Times op-ed that he has no doubt Trump rejected freedom, law and order, rather strong accusations: 

In helping foment current national divisions, there is no longer any doubt that our Republican president has abdicated the principles of freedom, law and order and a democratic process that has for so long enabled the United States to be the leader of the free world. We have never seen such a breach of law and order in the seat of our hallowed republic.

Unlike so many citizens of other countries, I have never before had to question whether my president was inciting violence or sedition. It is up to us to defend our country against lawlessness and those who would tear down the core values upon which our democracy has been built.

He goes on …

While we should never abandon our values, beliefs or advocacy, we must stop perceiving the opposition party as our enemy. We are all equals, dedicated to participating in the political process that is essential to maintaining our status as a great nation.

Concluding with … 

As with all sorrowful crises, this moment carries with it an opportunity of tremendous magnitude for our nation and the Republican Party. But the opportunity is meaningless unless we seize it.

Let’s come together as a new GOP that has learned from its past and seeks to build a brighter future for all of those we hold so dear.

On Wednesday, McConchie, who was voted to succeed resigning Leader Bill Brady, posted this statement on his website: 

“The horrible violence at our nation’s Capitol is a disgrace to all Americans,” said Illinois Senate GOP Leader Designate Dan McConchie. “This violence does not reflect the United States that generations of Americans have fought so hard to build.  I stand with members of all parties in condemning these un-American acts of violence and treachery and will do my part here in Illinois to repair the devastating divide that has been created in our country.” 

Responses from some of the 18-senator IL GOP caucus – the lowest remembered number in the caucus – is being sought and will be reported as they come in.



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  1. It’s bad enough the left constantly derides anyone right of lenin, but squish republicans go out of their way to chastise us as well. It’s no wonder why they are DOA in IL. They have nothing but contempt for their own voters.

  2. JDH said it.
    Many of those “abdicators” volunteered for your campaign. I’m sure we will use our talents and money elsewhere. Not that Illinois GOP’s really notice. You guys have it cozy behind Madigan and friends. How much of a paycut did Springfield get in the last 8 months? Oh never mind. Lets move to a red state. Last one out bribe a politician.

  3. This once again proves how far left the GOP in IL has become. I would suggest McConchie put his brain in gear before he puts his mouth in motion. I don’t like Trump… never did. But he happens to be the “least worse of the worse” and as such, I voted for him in both elections. As events are unfolding, it appears the “rally” was thoroughly infiltrated by the far left including BLM and Antifa. In fact, there are videos of a known leader in the BLM movement promoting violence such as “burn the ****ing place down. I guess those are McConchie’s type of heros.