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Di Leo: The Simple Facts – Reflections on the First Week of a New Administration



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By John F. Di Leo - 


Energy independence is imperative to American economic success.  After decades of Democrat-led attacks on the energy sector, President Trump did everything necessary from a government perspective to enable the real American energy sector (oil, gas and coal) to succeed.  The Biden/Harris administration is working as fast as possible to undo all this progress. 


A crime problem is much bigger than just the specific individual criminal and victim involved in a given mugging, burglary or rape.  A crime problem contributes to the destruction of a neighborhood, the loss of jobs in a community as employers flee, the widening of ghettos and the retreat of safe neighborhoods ever farther away.  Under the Trump/Pence administration, this recognition led to their efforts to curb illegal immigration (the primary path for foreign street gangs’ growth and influence in our inner cities).  The Biden/Harris administration and the big city Democrat machines that installed it feel more “compassion” for the criminals than for the victims or for society, so they establish sanctuary cities, knock down the border wall, throw open the prison gates with mass releases of known, convicted criminals, and do everything possible to enable increased crime. 

The Middle East Peace Process

The middle east has been in a state of war since 1948, when Israel gained its independence as a nation (with the blessing of the United Nations, at the time, if anyone remembers).  Through all those seventy years, dozens of countries have refused to recognize Israel and have refused any and all commerce with Israel, even supporting constant terrorist attacks upon and within Israel.  This constant state of war has done untold damage to the lives and standards of living of all concerned, both within and without Israel.  The Trump/Pence administration engineered multiple peace agreements in the middle east, culminating in the Abraham Accords in fall 2020.   The Biden/Harris administration is committed to restoring the diplomatic and financial strength of the terrorists and other warmongers in the region, and undoing the great advances made under President Trump. 


The Economy

While the American economy remains a place where some lucky few can skyrocket to wealth in certain connected industries, the standard of living of the average middle class American family has largely dropped over the past 60 years, due to the export of so much manufacturing to other “low cost countries.”  The Trump Administration took on this problem through a series of carrots and sticks – lowering business tax rates and regulations, to enable an American manufacturing resurgence, and raising targeted, punitive import tariffs to discourage importation from countries competing on an unfairly advantageous playing field.  This approach was showing great progress, and the Biden/Harris administration is committed to nip it in the bud, through tax hikes, regulatory overreach, and renewed friendliness to our overseas rivals. 


Election Integrity

Vote fraud has been a growing problem in this country for over a century.  It has never been a secret that big city political machines practiced fraud, that corrupt postal employees have hidden or “lost” mail bags of military ballots, that the system is rife with varying opportunities to cheat.  For this reason, Republican candidates have always known that they need to win by enough of a cushion to “overcome the margin of fraud.”   While never a matter of proud publication by the media or pop culture, this was a quietly well-known, embarrassing fact of life in America.  Until now.  Since the 2020 elections, all of a sudden, a new official line permeated the society: not just that it’s uncertain that fraud was high enough to make the difference and cause losers to win, but that there’s no fraud at all!  The official line, touted by censors from Silicon Valley to the nations’ newsrooms, is that ALL allegations of vote fraud are “unprovable,” “disproven,” or “the stuff of conspiracy theory.”  The censorship insisted upon by the modern American Left on this matter is unprecedented, and outrageous. 


Human Rights

For 220 years, the Bill of Rights has been a core element of the American experience.  Participation in church and peaceful public meetings, the free publication of political ideas from all corners, the possession of weapons by law-abiding citizens, all these and more have bben fundamental to the American polity.  The modern American Left has moved beyond their traditional assault on the Second and Tenth Amendments; since the illegal China Virus lockdowns began, they have begun to take on every element of the Bill of Rights.  They have no right, legal or moral, to do so, but this assault, from the First Amendment onward, is unlimited and thoroughly destructive.  At a time when the social media companies need to be restricted from their role as surrogate censors for their government cronies through Section 230 reforms, the federal government itself is joining the deranged push to play around with gender-specific pronouns and even instituting bans on common slang like the common nicknames for Covid-19, such as China Virus or Wuhan Flu. 


Men and Women in America

Throughout human history, the natural differences between men and women have been acknowledged in law. The United States has made better progress than many in removing inappropriate sex-based distinctions (such as different rules for property ownership or voting), while retaining appropriate sex-based distinctions (such as bans on statutory rape, and recognizing the different athletic abilities of men and women, for competitive sports).  The Biden Administration has made the destructive decision to ban schools and other sponsors of sports from limiting female sports teams to women and girls, mandating instead that such teams must allow boys and men to compete as if they were women, if they just choose to call themselves female.  Not only is this a cultural outrage, it has the very specific effect of jeopardizing or eliminating the opportunities for thousands, or potentially millions, of female students to obtain the college scholarships and career direction that their fellow male students enjoy.  This is not a step forward, but rather, a step backward, in the ongoing effort for equal opportunity and equal treatment under the law. 


The Rule of Law

The American experiment is founded upon the rule of law.   This is not a feudal society in which the current duke, prince or king can rewrite the law; it is a constitutionally limited republic, in which our state and federal Constitutions are the foundation, and all laws and regulations are added only as constitutionally allowed.   The Biden administration, surprisingly even more so than previous Democrat administrations, has begun its tenure with an outright assault on the Constitution and our legal structure, issuing executive orders in contradiction to the Bill of Rights, allocating tax dollars without the involvement of Congressional appropriate processes, pushing HR-1 – literally the forced legalization of Democrat vote fraud technicques so that they cannot be guarded against… even assaulting the independence of the judiciary by threatening to stack the supreme court, in a reappearance of the FD Roosevelt era effort.  This administration is doing everything it can to function as a post-constitutional, authoritarian state. 

The Leader of the Free World

Ever since the end of World War II, the United States has been stuck in the unenviable position as being the greatest superpower on the free side of the world.  For 45 years that meant facing off against Communist Russia, and we finally won that one, causing the USSR to back down from their efforts at global conquest.  The Trump administration was the first American president since the fall of the iron curtain to fully recognize the fact that Mainland China has replaced the USSR as that same international threat.  China has set a goal of, at least, being the dominant power in the Pacific, if not the world. Yet.  China's saber-rattling has been on full display since setting a global semi-pandemic in motion in late 2019… it has fully engulfed the once-free territory of Hong Kong in violation of its treaty with the U.K.  It has claimed a wide swath of the South China Sea, demanding authority in the territorial waters of Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan and more.  It threatens Australia and other Pacific nations with impunity, and now has daily incursions upon Taiwan airspace.  The Trump Administration recognized this threat and was successfully building a coalition to contain China; the Biden/Harris Administration is already reversing the Trump years' position of American strength.  With this weak crowd at the helm in Washington, the Beijing politburo freely declares that they will take over Taiwan by 2050, or maybe sooner, maybe today, whenever they think the time is right.  The Democratic party is so fully dominated by Chinese influences, they have neither power nor inclination to push back on Beijing's encroachments.

Most onlookers expected all this to be the result of a Biden/Harris administration, that’s why America reelected President Trump so resoundingly, not anticipating that the election could be so blatantly stolen from him.   But few anticipated that this could all happen so fast.  For a 78-year-old man, Joe Biden is moving with remarkable speed, pulling the country off the cliff as fast as he can. 

Divine Providence played a role in our nation’s founding; we find ourselves needing His guiding hand more than ever, as we pray that we somehow survive this daily assault on the nation He built. 

Copyright 2021 John F Di Leo  


John F Di Leo is a Chicagoland-based transportation manager and trainer, writer and actor. A onetime county chairman of the Milwaukee County Republican Party, he has been writing here in Illinois Review since 2009. A collection of his Illinois Review stories exposing vote fraud in America, The Tales of Little Pavel, is available as an eBook or paperback on Amazon. 

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  1. “If fair and free elections are ever going to reign in America again,” concluded the investigator Condit, “citizens in every county of the country must organize and demand easily read paper ballots, hand-counted by neighbors in each precinct in full public view, with the results posted at each polling place before the ballots leave the precinct.”