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We Must Heed Lincoln’s Warning About Mob Rule




Abraham Lincoln warned that mob law begets mob law. Jarrett Stepman writes:

Many have condemned the intrusion and vandalizing of the Capitol Building, as they should, but we should also not forget the fact that mob rule and lawlessness have destroyed the lives of countless Americans over the past year and has eroded our country’s attachment to the rule of law.

This should have always been unacceptable.

Lincoln’s warning in 1838 was ignored, and a generation of Americans paid a terrible price in blood for it. Let us learn from the past instead of tearing it down.

Regardless of the corruption of our institutions, the better path forward is to support the rule of law, reform old institutions or build new ones, and plan for the long term of sustaining this federal republic that we would surely like to keep.

[Jarrett Stepman, "We Must Heed Lincoln’s Warning About Mob Rule,” The Daily Signal, January 6]


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  1. he courts HEARD the cases. They threw them out because here in the United State evidence is required. Not rumors. Not affidavits that have no penalty for perjury, not made up Trump narcistic nonsense. Not defamatory lies.
    Trump followed all legal avenues and lost 64 times! including todays Supreme Court rejection for fast track. That’s a court set up to protect democracy not destroy it for a lying egomaniac who tried to have his VP murdered.
    Stacking the Supreme thankfully does not mean democracy DIES like he wanted.

  2. Typical what are you talking about the courts won’t even let them present evidence. Affidavits are allowed in criminal courts but not election cases now? For example in the PA case the original Judge ruled the case had merits and the PA Supreme Court just jumps in and dismisses the case with prejudice not even letting the process play out in the lower court.

  3. So what if Pennsylvania had 200,000 more votes than voters.
    Money, gift cards and prizes for voting on Indian Reservations in AZ and NV that’s not a violation of 18 U.S. Code § 597 – Expenditures to influence voting?
    You are not allowed to question results!
    Dissent is not allowed!