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72% of Illinoisans say parents should be notified before a minor daughter’s abortion


CHICAGO – A new Illinois Right to Life poll conducted by the Tarrance Group gauged Illinois residents’ support of the Parental Notification of Abortion Act. According to this poll of registered voters, 72% of people in Illinois believe an adult family member should be notified before a minor has an abortion.

In Illinois, girls under 18 must have parental consent before getting into a tanning booth, getting their ears pierced or acquiring a tattoo. Any girl under age 21 is banned from buying alcohol, tobacco or cannabis products. 

But Planned Parenthood wants any minor girl to be able to take abortion-producing drugs or have abortion surgery without notifying her parents. The ACLU and Human Rights Watch agree. These groups say "involving an adult family member is dangerous for youth in the state, violates their human rights, and threatens their health and safety…" 

Illinois State Senator Elgie R. Sims, Jr. and State Representative Anna Moeller introduced bills in both Illinois General Assembly chambers to repeal the law – SB 2190 and HB 1797. Votes are anticipated in both chambers before the end of May 2021.

In addition to the 72% saying parents should be notified, a full 58% of voters who identify as pro-choice support parental notification. Only 22% of total respondents — less than a quarter — back the repeal of Illinois’ Parental Notice of Abortion law. 
The poll also revealed that support of keeping the Parental Notice of Abortion Act in place was especially high among minorities, with 76% of minority women and 74% of minority men believing the law to be good.


  1. Only 72%, what the kittens? Are people nuts? This is what I mean by parents these days being cuckolds of the State. These are not your children, the state is exerting their rights over their children, because clearly they are not your children. You are simply the caretakers of the State’s children.

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