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Lisle mayoral candidate accused of using racial slurs



LISLE – The Lisle Board meeting on March 1st 2021 started with a public comment from resident and Trustee Candidate William Trussell over current Trustee and Mayoral Candidate Steven Winz's racial comments recently released.

Trussell demanded that Mr. Winz immediately step down from his current position as Lisle trustee, due to his behavior during an arrest in Lisle in 2016 where Winz told the arresting officer as he was leaving the police department, “I hope all the ni****s kill you, I swear to fucking God I hope they kill you all. Black Lives Matter.”

Trussell pointed out that regardless of the use of the "N" word – which is reason enough for Winz to resign – and regardless of his behavior that caused the arrest, Mr. Winz's divisive threats that black and brown people should "kill"/ harm police officers was unacceptable and is a catalyst for his resignation. Mr. Trussell further explained that as a father, husband, and grandfather of a multiracial family living in Lisle since the early 1990's he has experienced nothing but professional and respectful interactions towards his sons during multiple traffic stops when his boys first started driving.

"How is it that Mr. Winz who is Caucasian thought it appropriate to threaten the police with black and brown people? In what world is it helpful to assume that black and brown people want to "kill" the police? Over Winz's arrest ?" stated Mr Trussell. "This weaponization of a political movement is both misguided and hurtful in making progress in communication between the police and the community. Mr. Winz in his actions contributed to an all ready difficult environment and his using the black and brown community as a threat indicates his racial bias and understanding of the issues."

The question remains will Trustee Winz step down from his seat on the Lisle Board and will those supporting his run for Mayor with contributions, endorsements, or signage speak out and condemn his behavior? 

William Trussell stated that he wasn't sure when he arrived if he would make a comment, but seeing that this needed to be addressed he decided to speak up at the Lisle Board meeting "When people show you who they are through their words we should not make excuses for them but believe them.. I wasn't sure when I arrived if I would comment – I expected to see other trustee candidates from Mayoral candidates Sadat's and Winz camps speak out as they are running to represent our residents. Silence is unacceptable."



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