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Thorner/O’Neil: Blame for Border Crisis Rests Squarely on Biden/Harris Administration




By Nancy Thorner & Bonnie O'Neil - 

Senator Schumer and his Democrat cohorts in Congress continue to whine about Donald Trump’s rhetoric on border decisions, placing blame on President Trump for Biden's border crisis.

Even current problems, those that were not issues when Trump was President, are nevertheless being blamed on the former President, such as the White House ignoring the confession of a killer in Georgia in order to try to connect Donald Trump to the massage parlor massacre.

Does the Biden Administration think “we the people” are unable to investigate facts and statements to decide for ourselves what should and should not be blamed on present and former officials?

Politicians often view as self-serving excuses to dismiss their own negatives. Denying known facts only causes citizens to wonder how many other problems exist that politicians will incorrectly blame on others.

Democrats hammered President Trump on incompetence when he was President — a clever tactic used to avoid being blamed for their own problems — which, in turn, led citizens to view Trump negatively.

Biden’s rhetoric

Candidate Trump campaigned for the Presidency in 2016 on a promise to stop the constant flow of illegal immigrants from Mexico into the USA. Facts show that Trump’s zero-tolerance policy for illegal immigrants was successful.

Biden’s rhetoric encouraged the recent massive numbers that have swarmed our Southern border when promising "a pathway to citizenship" for anyone crossing our borders.  In so doing, Biden exacerbated human trafficking, child abuse, desperate refugees, Covid 19 disease being spread into our country, countless rapes, terrorists, brutality and death from encouraging mass migration out of Central America and Mexico. 

On Tuesday, March 23, 2020, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador blamed the crisis on the other side of his country's border with the U.S. on the Biden administration's messaging on immigration, which he said created "expectations" among would-be migrants.

In February 2020, the U.S. Border Patrol calculated 9,000 people crossed America's southern border under the Trump administration, illegally.  In February 2021, the USBP calculated 104,000 people crossed illegally.  All of them echoed Joe Biden's welcoming speech of amnesty and open borders.

When questioned upon arriving at the border, the immigrants were quoted saying, “New president, Biden, he gonna help all of us,” and/or “New, President Biden, he’s given us 100 days to get to the U.S., so we can get legal papers, live in the USA, and we have a better life for our kids and our families.” 

Words do have consequences, and words uttered by our nation’s leaders are taken seriously and acted upon.

Currently, under the Biden/Harris administration, the number of illegal border crossings has risen to  six times what the Obama administration considered a crisis.

Criminals are also hidden among the many thousands who reach the border. Others may soon become criminals as they have no skills, no income, and nobody to help provide them food and lodging.  House GOP Leader says border agents told him Iran, Yemen and Sri Lanka citizens have been caught at the southern border.

Plight of children

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) slammed the Biden administration over its handling of the massive surge, calling it an “abject failure.” Abbott revealed that one migrant facility for minors had unsafe drinking water and another one had a COVID-19 outbreak. 

Biden’s DHS secretary said if “loving parents” send their children to the U.S. border, “We will not expel” them, “we will care for them.”

The current border crisis has overwhelmed migrant facilities — some up to 729% capacity. There are reports of children in facilities “akin to jails,” forced to take turns sleeping on floors, and only allowed one shower per week.

According to Project Veritas, an undercover journalism nonprofit that released the images on March 22, images show hundreds of children huddled under emergency blankets in the jam-packed “cells,” divided by transparent plastic curtains hanging from metal frames. Eight such “cells” form a “pod.” The facility, composed of several interconnected massive tents, contains eight “pods” that hold an average of 3,000 people at any given time, that adds up to 47 people per cell on average. 

Hotel facilities for illegal immigrants

By the end of the year, border officials expect more than 117,000 undocumented children to have arrived in the U.S. That would be the highest number of undocumented children the U.S. has ever recorded.  

With detention centers overflowing and excess already being housed at a Dallas convention center, Biden needs more beds for heads for all his illegal immigrant buddies that are coming into the country.

Since there is no more space and tent cities are going over like a led balloon, Biden has a new answer… give them a hotel room.

For the next six months, according to the report, rooms will be put on the taxpayer tab to house migrants in both Texas and Arizona.

Blocking of public information a cover-up
The escalating surge of migrants at the southern border shows no signs of abating, and after initially denying the severity of this emerging crisis, the Biden administration is now attempting to block the release of anything but carefully curated information to cover up the true situation on the ground.
NBC News has revealed that Border Patrol agents and sector chiefs are now being restricted in terms of what they may share with the media about the migrant influx and its resulting strain on resources in what some officials characterize as an unofficial “gag order.”
Immigration laws and regulations disregarded
Allowing massive numbers of undocumented, undernourished, unemployable, and even potentially ill immigrants into our cities defies long-held border rules and regulations.
How will this benefit our nation financially with all the freebees given them or unite this nation in the short run?
Many of those flooding into our cities are unemployable due to many reasons, including differing languages and their lack of skills. Their inability to speak our language is a problem for obtaining jobs and most are unaware of our basic rules and laws.
Every nation has immigration laws.  Other nations don't need to come up with a thousand-page piece of legislation.  They keep it simple.  If you don't have a passport, you're not allow to enter if you enter without one, they toss you in the clink or they kick you out.   And unlike in the U.S., where people keep coming back after being deported, you try to sneak into other countries a second time, and you're going to face serious consequences.
Many Democrat members of Congress prefer to ignore what they do not want to hear or know.  It is also easier to blame President Trump for the border problems, which could not be further from the truth.
Unfortunately, lobbyists are working on both sides of the aisle to assure there is a continuous supply of cheap illegal immigrant labor.
President Trump's criticism
Former President Donald Trump strongly criticized President Joe Biden in a podcast interview released Monday, March 22, 2020 with Fox News host Lisa Boothe about the new migrant crisis:
“They’ll be coming up by the millions,” Trump said about the flood of migrants crossing the border into the United States.
Trump warned Americans the crisis would get far worse during the Biden administration, even though record numbers were already crossing the border.
“It’s nothing compared to what’s going to be in a couple of months,” he said. . . 
In another Monday, March 22, 2020 interview with former President Trump on "The Faulkner Focus", Faulkner asked Trump why he's been so outspoken during his first few months out of office. Most former presidents generally recede from public life to give space to their predecessors.
Trump’s response:  “The reason I weigh in is very simple," Trump said, "they're destroying our country. Very simple. It can't get simpler than that. They are destroying our country. And they're going to destroy it with tax increases the likes of which nobody has ever seen before in order to accomplish the 'Green New Deal' nonsense. They're destroying it with woke – when China looks at woke they see the biggest problem we have is Dr. Seuss. In the meantime, they're building factories and trying to kill us in so many different ways.”
Where is the Biden/Harris administration?
President Joe Biden told reporters Sunday, March 21 when returning from his weekend trip to Camp David, that he would visit the Southern border “at some point,” appearing unwilling to commit to the idea soon.
When asked if he would visit some of the detention facilities for migrants personally, Biden replied, “I know what’s going on in those facilities.”
As for V.P. Kamala Harris, she laughs when asked if she has plans to visit border.


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