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Republican Darren Bailey blasts Pritzker’s mandates


XENIA – Sen. Darren Bailey (R-Xenia) told reporters Wednesday afternoon via Zoom, "Today Governor Pritzker put his personal political agenda in front of what we know to be the best interests of our students and their education. Governor Pritzker once again wants to force mask mandates on children. This unilateral move, without engaging the legislature does not make him a leader. It makes him a failure." 

Bailey has fought Pritzker's mandates for over a year, and said that he is not ruling out the possibility of filing a lawsuit against Wednesday's announcement. 

Bailey said he opposes any health mandates, and quoted scientific studies that say children under 12 are not seriously threatened by COVID-19, and that schools have not been sources of super-spreaders throughout the state. 

The science and data has clearly shown us that school age kids are not statistically vulnerable to critical illnesses or death from COVID 19," Bailey said. "The governor had not produced any evidence to contradict those statistics." 

Republican candidates Bailey, Gary Rabine and Paul Schimpf have all issued statements criticizing Pritzker's announcement. 

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  1. Speak out against this forced vaccination mandate! My parents can’t receive medical treatment until they are vaccinated. So will the unvaccinated be left to die when hospitals won’t accept them or be forcibly vaccinated upon arrival against their wishes and beliefs?

  2. Republican candidates we need state jobs if we work on your campaign! Rauner did nothing for me no state jobs after I volunteered for months on his campaign shame on him. Edgar took care of his people after he was elected.

  3. Nick, are you sure you aren’t a DEMOCRAT? NO ONE owes you squat if you work on their campaigns. If you were focused on things HIGHER other than yoursel,f you would realize the BIG PICTURE would be ……. OH lets say keeping Illinois from going down the toilet fiscally by electing an honest Governor? How about a Governor that would be for stopping the outrageous democrat super majority from passing filthy sex education requirements that will teach porn to your kindergarten children? How about a Governor that is against CRT, which is nothing more than teaching our children to hate their country and each other?
    If the only reason you ‘work’ for a candidate is so they GIVE you a state job, you seriously need to check your narcissistic personally at the door. How about asking what you can do for your country, instead of asking what your country can do for you? You are UNBELIEVABLE! You are exactly what is wrong with our country, selfish people who want people to GIVE you everything.

  4. What is the Republican plan to grow the party and actually win? Do you know how many people in Chicago and Cook County vote Democrat because they and their families won’t get jobs/promotions? They volunteer for politicians in exchange for jobs and contracts.

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