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Thorner: Mandatory Digital Health Passport More Than a Pipe Dream

By Nancy Thorner - 

As stated in a report issued on May 24, 2020, "Covid Pass to be used as a "Digital Health Passport":  Link:  COVID-Pass to be used as a "Digital Health Passport


"Are you ready to get your “immunity passport” or “digital health passport” from big brother government or some multi-billion-dollar corporation? Well, it’s here in the form of “COVI-PASS” and is being widely promoted. Basically, you download the app, take a #COVID-19 test from a health professional. Then the results are scanned into the COVI-pass, which will authenticate your health status. Finally, with COVI-PASS, the fascists say you can then use your #COVIpass to “return to work, life, & safe travel." 


50 million purchases of this app have already been made by several countries, including the U.S.


A month later on June 29, 2020, Zerohedge reported the following about  Mass-Tracking COVI-PASS Immunity Passports:  Link:  Mass-Tracking COVIPASS Immunity Passports


"COVID- PASS will determine whether you can go to a restaurant, if you need a medical test, or are due for a talking-to by authorities in a post-COVID world. Consent is voluntary, but enforcement will be compulsory.”

“These objectives mirror those that Bill Gates has been promoting since the start of the COVID-19 lockdown. In an essay written by Gates in April 2020, he lays out his support for the draconian measures taken in response to the virus and, like an old-timey mob boss – he makes his case for the adoption of mass tracking and surveillance technology in the U.S. by saying that For now, the United States can follow Germany’s example .’” 


Deal signed to create a digital health passport


As reported on May 24, 2020 by Ellen Daniels:


"Manchester-based cybersecurity firm VST Enterprises has signed a deal with digital health company Circle Pass Enterprises (CPE) to create a digital health passport designed to “manage a safe return to work, life, and safe travel” after the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic."


"The two companies have partnered to create “the world’s most secure digital health passport”, known as Covi-pass, and according to VST Enterprises, are committed to working with governments and “major stakeholders” to deploy the technology."


"VST Enterprises’s VCode and VPlatform technologies will be integrated into the Covi-pass to ensure it is secure."


China's social credit system


In an article titled, “The complicate truth about China's social credit system”, China's system is explained. 


On June 7, 2019, China expanded her idea of its social credit system to all aspects of life.  It is judging citizens' behavior, faith, trustworthiness, its law abiding, pays bills, play music too loud and heath records.  A person could lose certain rights, such as travel.


The idea is not a Chinese phenomenon.  It is both unique and part of a global trend.  It's Big Brother Watching.


Road to Medical Tyranny


As suggested by Brendon Smith in his article of 8/9/2021, “We will not comply, A Plan against Medical Tyranny :


"The mainstream media has consistently attacked the claim that governments would enforce vaccine passports as conspiracy theory. Now they are openly admitting that the plan is to institute vaccine passports and they are vigorously defending it. They are discussing with avid fervor how they might be able to FORCE or compel each and every person to take the jab, even if they don't want it and even if the jab serves no purpose.


1.  Force the masses to take the vaccine.

2.  The vaccine to force masses to get passports
3.  The passport is to force masses to get the social credit score.
4.  The social credit score is to force the masses to obey government
5.  Then the government can deny the masses food, medicine, housing and travel."   End of quote  
What does this mean for China?  

The full extent of the impact on social credit to Chinese citizens is impossible to say, simply because the system doesn't fully exist yet. Zeng suggests the reality is somewhere between the government's claims and the Western media's description of horror-filled dystopias. "It's a very like a baby step," she said of the work that's happened so far.   See “The complicate truth about China's social credit system”

Ohlberg agrees that early reporting had multiple errors that led to misunderstandings of the system — but that doesn't mean social credit isn't dangerous. "It's somewhere between the people who say the media coverage is inaccurate and that means it's not so bad and the people who see this huge dystopia," she says. "You have to find this space between that were you can explain it is actually quite scary, even if it's not quite the way it's portrayed."

Because of that, no other country should be considering this idea, says Hoffman. "The west should not copy any aspect of social credit," Hoffman says. "Often comparisons are drawn between private applications like Uber and its rating system for customers and drivers. While these private company systems are extremely problematic in my view, they are fundamentally different. The People’s Republic of China is an authoritarian country, the Chinese Communist Party is responsible for gross human rights violations for decades— just look at the example of Xinjiang now. There is nothing any liberal democratic society should even think about copying in the social credit system."


The important thing I think about the passport report is the Covi-Pass was purchased by 15 nations in May of 2020.  It's possibly also a long-range conspiracy against all the world with everyone jumping on China's spying bandwagon!



  1. Given that if appears the vaccinated are more readily passing Delta, or at least equally passing, and have as much or greater viral load as the unjabbed, might I suggest we remove the passports for those who got the shot?

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