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Thorner: This Nation’s Expanding Dependence State



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By Nancy Thorner - 

The dependence state is available to able-bodied people residing in the USA, even those that opt not to work.  The US government destroys people's lives by giving then free money to make them dependent and unable to provide for themselves.

Quote from Thomas Sowell: “No society ever thrived because it had a large and growing class of parasites living off those who produce.”

Quote from Walter E. Williams, Phd.: “How does something immoral, when done privately, become moral when it is done collectively? Furthermore, does legality establish morality? Slavery was legal; apartheid is legal; Stalinist, Nazi, and Maoist purges were legal. Clearly, the fact of legality does not justify these crimes. Legality, alone, cannot be the talisman of moral people.”


Surge of Afghan refugees
The same dependance state that is being granted to those who cross our borders legally will now be given to Afghan refugees who, even if lacking the requirements to be brought to this nation, will now be the recipient, in part, of  funding from American taxpayers, even as Americans have been left behind in Afghanistan. 
“Thousands of Afghans have arrived in the United States since the hurried evacuation of Afghanistan began in mid-August, including many who helped U.S. forces during its 20-year involvement in the country's war.
President Joe Biden said the United States aimed to evacuate 50,000 to 65,000 Afghan allies before an Aug. 31 deadline for U.S. withdrawal.
The U.S. government has declined to say how many Afghans have arrived in the United States since the evacuation from Kabul began or the immigration status of those people.
SIV's are available to certain Afghans that aided U.S. forces as interpreters and translators, as well as in other roles, and that fear reprisals by the Taliban, the Islamist militant group that swiftly seized power 11 days ago.
Afghans that lack valid immigration status when they arrive in the United States can be permitted to enter for a temporary period via 'humanitarian parole.'
Afghans sent to the military bases receive a health screening and help in applying for work authorization, along with other services. The processing can take anywhere from a day to a week or more, a refugee staffer working at Fort Lee in Virginia told Reuters.
After processing at the military bases, Afghans will be connected with a U.S. refugee resettlement organization, a senior U.S. official said.
The groups, with financial assistance from The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, will provide SIV-eligible Afghans and others with housing, furniture and food and help them adjust to life in the United States.  End of quote
The USCIS is a Federal agency within the U.S Department of the Homeland Security (DHS).
Welfare safety net
The following describes a generous safety net available to able-bodied people residing in the USA that opt not to work.  [Snopes.com says mixture of truth]
  1. Don’t marry your girlfriend
  2. Use your mom’s address to receive your mail
  3. The guy buys a house
  4. Guy rents out house to his girl girlfriend who has two of his kids
  5. US Govt Section 8 will pay $900 a month for a three-bedroom home
  6. Girlfriend receives free Obamacare health insurance
  7. Being a single mother, Girlfriend goes to college with zero cost of tuition [1]
  8. Girlfriend gets $600 a month for food stamps
  9. Girlfriend gets free US Govt cell phone [2]
  10. Girlfriend gets free utilities
  11. Guy moves into home with girlfriend, but hides fact from govt using mom’s address for mail
  12. On taxes Girlfriend claims one kid and guy claims one kid; both claim head of household receiving $1,800 credit
  13. Girlfriend gets disability for having fake mental illness or “bad back” at $1,800 a month and never has to work
This plan is perfectly legal and is being executed by millions of people in the USA; no wonder the hordes of illegal migrants want to come here. A married couple with a stay at home mom yields zero free dollars from the American taxpayer.

However, an unmarried couple that are just 'shacking up' with stay at home mom yields: $21,600 disability + $10,800 free housing + $6,000 free health insurance + $6,000 free food + $4,800 free utilities + $6,000 Pell Grant cash + $12,000 a year in college tuition Pell Grant + $8,800 tax benefit for being a single mother = $75,000 a year in benefits. 

Welcome to the new multicultural diverse, fundamentally changed USA, thanks to the ever popular” everyone is entitled to everything” world. Origins of report:  Published the Miller County Liberal of Colquitt, Georgia, August 19, 2015; it was attributed to “Jeffery Rightmire” and later to “John Tabb.”
The Decline of the Welfare State
Mit.edu – Drawing on data from the EU and the  United States, the authors draw undeniable conclusions that the combined pressures of aging, migration, and globalization will shift the balance of political power and generate public support from the majority of the voting population for cutting back traditional welfare state benefits.
This timely analysis, supported by a unified theoretical framework and empirical findings, demonstrates how the combined forces of demographic change and globalization will make it impossible for the welfare state to maintain itself on its present scale. More here.
Thorner’s opinion
How many illegal immigrants and refugees can this nation afford to allow into this nation, which already has a generous immigration entry system for new immigrants?
Some might say that it's the humane thing to do, but as a sovereign nation, shouldn't citizens have some say in the matter? 
With this nation already trillions of dollars in debt, this nation's generous welfare system has afforded many non-citizens to live better than many Americans. 
As millions more illegal immigrants cross this nation’s open southern border, how long will it be until our nation's generous welfare obligations collapse under their own weight?


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  1. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9956217/Male-Afghan-evacuees-bringing-child-brides-US.html?ito=social-twitter_mailonline
    My god have them arrested by the Military Police get these girls help away from their abusers not asking for guidance! We going to allow bachi bazi boy dancers too?
    Report Child abuse in Monroe County where Fort McCoy is located! Make a complaint that have to investigate under State Law!