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Illinois’ worst-in-the-nation pension crisis explained



Illinois' pension crisis touches every corner of the state. From public safety and service cuts in the Metro East, to a junk credit rating for the city of Chicago, to exploding property tax bills across the collar counties. Illinoisans now owe $45,000 in pension debt per household. But what's driving Illinois' pension crisis? And how did Illinois politicians let it get this bad? Illinois Policy Institute's Adam Schuster explains.


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  1. “Give Illinois citizens the chance to VOTE” on something?
    That will NEVER happen as long as the politicians can use this system to bribe pension recipients for their votes.
    That’s how we got INTO this mess.

  2. Open the pension plans to all residents everyone contributes! If you receive a Illinois pension and move to another State then you get taxed on your pension. Republicans don’t have an answer on how low wage workers are supposed to be able to retire they don’t have extra money to contribute to a 401k or IRAs? We should copy Australia’s superannuation funds that forces everyone to contribute to their retirements!