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Libertarians nominate 2022 gubernatorial candidate


SPRINGFIELD – The Democrats' nominee in the 2022 gubernatorial election will be incumbent JB Pritzker. The IL GOP has several that are vying for the chance to challenge Pritzker in 2022: State Senator Darren Bailey, former State Senator Paul Schimpf, businessman Gary Rabine, and the latest entry entrepreneur millionaire Jesse Sullivan.

How much of a difference could a Libertarian candidate make in 2022? Here's how the vote went in 2018: 

The Libertarian Party of Illinois says their 2022 candidate is Scott Schluter of Marion. A veteran and mechanic, Schluter believes his message will resonate with most Illinoisans. “Illinoisans have been fighting an uphill battle against bad policy for decades. We are over-taxed, over-regulated, and under-represented,” said Schluter. "Send me to Springfield to regulate Springfield, not the people of Illinois."

John Phillips of Decatur is the Libertarian's pick for lieutenant governor and Schluter's running mate. Also a mechanic, Phillips enters the race after running for Decatur city council this past spring.

“I am beyond honored that the Illinois LP unanimously selected me to serve alongside Mr. Schluter, whom I have long respected," said Phillips. "I absolutely believe in Mr. Schluter's ability to fix what is wrong with politics in our beautiful state and look forward to contributing in my small way to that goal.”

As nominees for the Libertarian Party, Schluter and Phillips will need to acquire at least 25,000 petition signatures to appear on the 2022 ballot. Republican and Democrat candidates need 5,000.

"The signature threshold rules regarding ballot access are extremely regressive in Illinois. It's worse here than any other state in the Midwest," said Steve Suess, LP Illinois Chair. "Democrats and Republicans in Springfield constantly rally against voter suppression, yet they let the most blatant example of it run unchecked every two years."

Despite the steep, unbalanced threshold, Libertarian candidates have appeared on every general election ballot in Illinois for the last decade.

The general election will take place on November 8, 2022.


  1. The first paragraph, above, should have mentioned Chris Roper and Max Solomon. I think that they’re tied for the best candidate, in that race. The answer to the question is the Libertarian candidate will make a slight difference. In the last 10 years, the libertarian candidates for governor and the U.S. Senate, in Illinois, got an average of about 3%, each election.

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