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Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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Taxpayer defends teachers to Springfield School Board


I spoke at the School Board meeting tonight Springfield District 186 along with other teachers and citizens because I wanted to support the teachers who are not going to follow the district’s effort to carry out Gov JB’s mandate that personnel get vac-cinated against the CVD vir-us. Today, I picked up news paper and I thought, I need to go to this school board meeting because I want to stand for teachers those who stand for freedom. One of my statements was “Some say this is about science and safety and some say this is about liberty and personal choice” “I believe this is about our liberty and personal choice.” God bless the teachers who spoke and the ones who are walking by faith by following the convictions of their hearts even though they have made a great sacrifice. These teachers have families and need to be supported and retained. As a citizen I came to stand up for these teachers and school employees who love their careers and who want to continue serving and teaching the students they love. Teachers are essential,please give them the freedom of choice to make their own medical decisions. Also, God bless Ryan Jugan, and many others in attendance and a special thanks to Ruth Bast for the video


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