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Thorner: Children and Jabs


By Nancy Thorner –

According to a 2012 double-blind, randomized, controlled trial in Clin Infect Dis. March 15, 2012, (the first of its kind) conducted in healthy children 6 to 15 years of age, getting a flu shot was found to increase the risk of other respiratory viral infections over four-fold. 

And what about now giving the Covid shot to 5-year olds?

Even former Surgeon General and neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson thinks this is absurd, saying in an interview with Maria Bartiromo“absolutely not” due to the kids’ extremely low mortality rate and it is “a giant experiment.”

As you might expect, the FDA has admitted it does not know the long-term effects on kids. Of course, the FDA board is stacked with people that were formerly working for Pfizer in some capacity, got grants from Pfizer, etc. 
Anthony Furey, Columnist and Op-Ed Editor at the Toronto Sun, tweeted Nov. 3, 2021, that Pfizer itself, in its presentation to FDA, p. 33, cites one scenario where “hospitalizations in kids due to myocarditis is greater than prevented COVID hospitalizations” – full story here
But not to worry!  Big Pharma has no concerns creating Edward Bernays-like propaganda for kids, using kids, as video.  This disturbing ad by Pfizer is telling kids they'll get superpowers from CVD jab.  
Next at bat is Pfizer and Moderna reporting trials of their shots on kids 2 – 4 years old. As you might expect, Pfizer alone uses 83 lobbyists to bend legislation their way with our bought-and-paid-for politicians,  Moderna has 15.
According to CDC data, COVID poses virtually no danger to children.  However, VAERS data, which includes many thousands of reports of death following administration of the shots, suggests there are enormous risks from the injection.
Most importantly, however, no long-term safety data exists for children and the experimental jab.


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