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Friday, September 29, 2023
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Time to Reform the Federal Reserve



UnnamedThe Federal Reserve does little to nothing to benefit our nation's economy, and its power must be reduced.

For centuries pharaohs, emperors, and kings ruled and made average folks do their bidding.  The rise of political liberalism changed our conception of power, arguing that governments existed to serve the people.  A new book argues we must bring liberal principles to our money.

Government actions ultimately involve force, which liberalism argues is legitimate only if it serves the people.  Governments today take some of the same actions as emperors did.  Taxation, for example, still involves armed men taking things from people.  Taxation is theft unless the people consent; as America’s founders put it, “Taxation without representation is tyranny.”



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  1. The Federal Reserve (which is not really “Federal”) doesn’t need “reform,” it needs to be abolished.
    it’s a privately-owned, and manipulated cabal of several huge banking organizations, which controls currencies and counterfeits bank debt notes, which it calls “money.”